Double Chocolate (Clear) For Chocolate Chunks (WF) Substitute Request Assistance

Hello all, I couldn’t find a dedicated post for this but I have two recipes I miss, but I ran out of DCC but have a junk load of Chocolate Chunks (WF)

This called for 6% DCC, just curious if anyone has more exp than I with WF so I can maybe recreate the recipe with it. (I ran out but it tasted so good)

The other was Valhalla Vapes- Raid that I used it at 4%, but just curious.

Thanks in advance.

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While I dont have the Wf Chocolate chunks and much as I hate posting just a link maybe this will help you find a starting point

I’ve never been a fan of DDC but I do use Chocolate chunks as one of my go to chocolates (and I’ve been through most of them including the disappointment that was MF). I wouldn’t use it solo but it gives you a solid base. I use it at 4% with HS Australian Chocolate at 1.5%. Looking at your recipe, I’m sure you could go as big as 6%.

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I’m curious as to which of these you tried? also what % did you use?

Chocolate, Light Flavor or Chocolate, Dark Flavor

The Dark Chocolate and, for that price, I wasn’t impressed. 1-2%.
I loved the INW original Milk Chocolate and even snuffled away 100 mls before the recipe changed. Over the year or so it has become almost black and kills coils immediately.

Sorry to hear the MF DC didn’t work for you. I’ve had pretty good success using it at .4-1% and a minimum of 1 month steep. It only got better beyond 1 month for me. I’ve never mixed it beyond 1% so I can’t comment on how it would turn out.

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I absolutely agree with you that it needs at least a month. 6 weeks seems optimal for me.
But I would recommend giving that combination of Chocolate chunks and Australian Chocolate a go. It’s the closest I’ve got to the OG INW Milk Chocolate.