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Double Site Header


The plot thickens. When I changed settings from dark to light theme, double header disappeared. When i switched back to dark theme, there it was again


Ahhhhhh Rob I’m on Android 8.0.0.


And I will not use the light theme, but my OCD is killing me now :stuck_out_tongue:


@adary you nailed it, dark theme does it.


I guess it helps that a part of my job is yelling at the QA group. Some of their experise rubs off :slight_smile:


Nope, you nailed it @adary. I’m sitting here trying every browser, mobile, laptop, BUT, all light theme. Even borks for me on the laptop in Dark.


First rule of QA is test all options :slight_smile:

I bet it’s something in the header customization. I could ask my UI developers to take a look on Sunday


Back to testing the Juggerknot !!!


I’m testing my drop dead :slight_smile: (late to the party but who cares)


GS5 :slight_smile:


Yeah I was thinking about that earlier.


Ah, I missed that it was just the dark theme - It should be fixed now :slight_smile:


Indeed it is fixed


Huh…the more Chivas I drink, the more the double vision clears up. Cheers everyone!


@Lostmarbles For The Win !!!


Not sure if it is the custom css I am running with elr or not - i did see the double logo (thought it was me lol)

does anyone else see


then you scroll




I get the quid


I bet there’s even customier css in the header if the logo runs away like that


Aaah, tricky. They changed the way the header/footer works and it’s not immediately compatible with the old way the dark theme worked - Fixed, I think! :slight_smile:


fixed and not fixed. now there is no topic name and the slug.

To dig in further, If i open a topic and jump straight to the post, wide header stays, and there is no topic name and the slug. If I scroll up and start scrolling down, I see the topic name and the slug