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Double Site Header


Yeah… There’s still a bit of weirdness to it all.

When you go to the next unread (in a tracked thread)… There’s no user icon etc

And it stays that way, as long as you continue to scroll down the thread.

If you scroll up a little though (amount varies depending on the thread from what I’m currently seeing), then the user icon comes back into play.


Tried in Firefox and Chrome on PC and Chrome on my Galaxy phone.

What you see now, is what I suspect is intentional on the phones. The user icon is hidden to show the post title and slug - you scroll up to get to the user icon… Light and dark now works the same for me.


Been hitting the mini for a couple days, I’m a fan.


On a Samsung something phone, chrome. No double headers today.


Ya’ll should be ashamed of ya’lls thinking that it was “Me” that was just seeing things. So now I know what category of a person ya’ll have placed me as… What box ya’ll have shuffled me into… which corner ya’ll stuffed me against, which crevasse I’m been buried into… which…

Hey maybe I should start a go fund me page… hmmmm


Get back in that cage boy!



(Molly let you out of yours…)


That’s cuz I smoke the meats like a good boy!