Dovpo 50w Mini

First let me say that there wont be any pictures, i have a Minolta 35mm film camera sooooo…

I ordered mine from Fasttech for 46 bucks. It came with a nice zipper carrying case, silicon sleeve and USB charging cable. There is a clear sticker over the screen so remember that so you dont get upset like the fella on the FT review did, before he removed the sticker…

Fasttech specs:

Product Type VW Mods

Color Black
Material Aluminum

Connection Threading 510
Telescoping Mod No
Variable Voltage (VV) No
Variable Wattage (VW) Yes

Power & Batteries
Batteries Included No
Battery Form Factor 18650
Battery Type Interchangeable
Maximum Supported Battery Length 65 mm
Required Battery Count 1

This device is pretty small yet powerful, has a very bright screen with large enough characters that even my old ass eyes can read. However, once outside in bright sunlight it is difficult to see. This is a VW mod that is adjustable in .1w increments. The buttons are well placed and have no rattle to them. The batt cover slides in fixed grooves and has magnets to hold it tightly in place.

It uses a single 18650, i suggest Sammy 25r’s or better, so chain vaping at 50w means carrying extra batts as i got about an hour and a half out of it. The batt sled has a ribbon for easy removal and the batt slides in nice and easy. The positive pin is adjustable as well. It has reverse batt protection, batt over heat protection and enough vent holes to prevent explosions. The mini USB port is on the bottom of the device, which some consider not ideal, but i will never use it. It is said to take up to 5 hours to charge. It has a power off memory to remember the wattage settings. The device has a 5 minute auto shutoff and 10 second screen shutoff. The 5 minute auto shutoff seems to piss some people off but its really no different than a locking ring in my opinion, I find it a nice safety feature.

Everything is a bit off center, a couple mm, from the 510 connector to the screen and buttons. This doesnt bother me at all as i use it with the silicon case and seems to be sort of normal for many box mods. The 510 connector is SS with a silver plated 510 adjustable pin and mine, from the second round of orders, appears to be spring loaded at least partially. If i push down gently on the 510 pin it will move down, when i release the pressure it will go back to its original position.

Now a bit about the way it vapes. Honestly i thought i would need more than 50w but so far i havent used it much over 40w, the only time i used it at 50w was the first day just to test out the batt life. Even chaining at 50w the device stayed quite cool with the included silicon case. The sepcs say it will fire from .2ohms to 4.9ohms, which reads .3ohms on the device.I havent gone down past .2 to test it but im currently vaping on a single 26g 316L (2 strand 1mm twisted pitch) twisted coil @ .22 ohms and it heats that sucker up quickly. The screen only goes to the tenths so it isnt as accurate as some devices but its good enough for my needs.

So far i am absolutely loving this device, i never thought anything could replace my mechs but since i got this ive hardly use my mechs at although im sure that will change once the newness wears off. But, ive barely but this thing down. I consider it a minimalist regulated mod, there is no temp control or memory settings for different atty’s. There is no step-down so you have to do this manually.

I know this is a bit of a read but detail is important to avoid disappointment. If you are looking for something with TC the Dovpo TC-50 Mini is apparently pretty close to release and from what i read on the FT forums it will be cheaper. Ive already placed an order for another for my wife. Dovpo is stepping up its game and making some pretty decent box mods as of late. Between this and the GX-200 they have two new fans in me and the wife.

If you have any questions ill try to answer them and if you get one i hope you enjoy as much as i do, Great little mod with enough power for most people.

tl;dr This minimalist regulated mod is awesome, BUY ONE! :smile:


Nice. I have an iStick 20W, 30W and a Cloupor Mini which I’m looking to replace with a higher powered device. Maybe this should be one of them! :smiley:


Fantastic little box. When i was looking i was going to get a dual 18650 box but then id have to buy 4 batts for it and marry them. Since we have 2 GX-200’s i figured i would probably get confused so i went with a single.

I really couldnt be happier with this purchase. Works great with the Subtank Mini i bought specifically for it and i got the extra silicon rings for the ST in different colors. Match the box with black silicon rings. Looks fabulous!

The one thing im not a big fan of is all the art they put on their boxes but the silicon case overs it up nicely.

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Hate to tell you I told you so, but, I told you so…lol

Im not sure i understand, im pretty high so please explain in little words, hehe.

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I say u, I say u…lol


ROFL! Well, those are some pretty small words!