DPRO Mini V2 by CoilArt and MOVI

So, just bought this RDA and, here’s what it look like.

It’s an SS304, with gold plated postless build deck. Sized at 22mm, single coil and using 510 drip tip.

Front of the box that it came in.

Back of the box

Color Options. There’s actually another color, Brushed SS. I bought the black one.

After the sleeve was off

What’s inside. The RDA, QC card, Warranty card, 1 set of Spare O rings, 2 sets of screws, 1 squonk pin, L shape allen key, 1 coil and cottons. Oh, and 15ml of MOVI’s E Juice. I got salted caramel at 3mg/ml free base nic.

The RDA deck. Postless, with some holes on the side to guide your coil in, around 5mm deep juice well.

The domed top cap

The build deck. you could see the airflow there right on top of the postless.The airflow is Restricted DTL at it’s widest.

Coil positioning. Sorry, I messed up the coil. I cut the leg of the coil at 5mm to fit it in.

Coil positioning from the side.

the airflow hole hitting the coil from the sides.

The bottom of the RDA.

just realised they also gave me a canvas pouch for it.

The differences between DPRO Mini V2 and the DPRO Mini,

  1. Airflow hole. V2 is cyclops shaped, V1 have those holes.

  2. Build Deck. V2 have a wider build deck.

  3. V2 only came with 1 drip tip. V1 came with 3.

It was made by Coil Art in collaboration with MOVI, and for now, it’s only being sold exclusively in Indonesia.

Taste wise, it was great. The airflow hit the coil just right. The elder dragon was a bit better, though. But just a little. It is also very easy to build on.

So sorry about the quality of the pictures.


Forgot to post this one.


I love my original DPRO Mini V1 as it’s perfectly suited to my style of vape and I really wanted to get another but they are no longer available. I would love to get my hands on this one but it’s not available anywhere else other than Indonesia you say which is a bloody shame. Anyhow thank you for the post mate, I will keep my eyes peeled just in case it does become available closer to home, you never know.


Same here, been keeping my eye out for it since hearing about the v2.


Thank you for reading it, @Lucas_James_Holden , @Letitia . I asked whether it would be available outside of Indonesia, but unfortunately, MOVI said there is no plan for it at the present.


Thank you @delltrapp. If it’s similar I will just have to try the Claymore RDA instead as I know that the Elder Dragon will be far too airy for me.


Coil Art made some nice attys. I still have an old Azeroth RDTA in my rotation.


Loved the orig DPRO Mini! I could kick myself for not buying more than one. I’m going to have to keep an eye on this one. Thanks for the review bro!

It’s a great atty slightly restricted draw and awesome flavor!


Thank you for reading, @TorturedZen , @Lostmarbles


Reminds me of the little MTL RDAs I got a few weeks ago with the rounded inner top cap chamber and those little notches on the walls of the base for coil placement: I use those every time, just so easy to pin whatever you’re winding the coil into with a spare finger while you mess around screwing the coil legs in.

Airflow is different: that tank seems to have more generous holes than the ones I have, though there’s plenty of “well” underneath for juice, which is good - until it falls over in my pocket horizontal and leaks juice out the hole.

Now where’s my thanks.

And why is that 15mL chubby gorilla marked District One 21 included with an RDA?


That’s the bonus liquid from MOVI.


What bonus liquid!! …i’ve never got shit-all liquid with any tank :angry: - not even 0mg juice.

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Thanks for the feedback on the Claymore, would you say it’s as restricted as the DPRO Mini?


I’d say it’s pretty darn close. I haven’t (but I should) compare the two and see how they compare to each other.


Thanks mate, it sounds like it will suit me fine then. I’ve also noticed that there are different coloured top caps etc available for this particular RDA which is an added bonus for those that like the matchy matchy sort of thing and they are not expensive either. I saw the actual RDA available for only fifteen quid a few weeks ago and I wish I had picked one up then. I was considering buying a Venna RDA but I think I will save my money and get this one instead.


Just tried them both head to head. Same build, same mods, same wattage. As far as flavor, they’re equal. Air flow is the same but the Claymore is louder. Not annoyingly so IMO, but definitely louder.


Thank you mate for doing the comparison, you and @delltrapp have been a great help in making my mind up and I’m going to go for the Claymore.


@Lostmarbles while we are here I would be ever so grateful if you can tell me what build you have in yours please?


No problem. Ni80 3x27g/38g fused claptons. 6 wrap 3mm ID. Comes out to about 0.3 ohms. I usually like a dual core in those but it’s what I had on hand, and it worked out great.


Sounds good to me as I don’t like hot builds and super low ohms, thanks buddy.