Dr Colin Mendelsohn’s Book

Some of you may know Dr Mendelsohn (or Dr Colin as we sometimes call him) he is a very strong advocate here in Australia and a very smart and knowledgeable fella most of his advocacy work is done at his own expense (or by way of donations through ATHRA https://www.athra.org.au/ Please donate if you can). I urge you strongly to share the following link with any smokers you know or any vaper who loves great information or feel free to send a copy to your representative.

The massive issue that we as vapers have with advocacy is that for the most part, it is in an echo chamber with other vapers we need to get more information outside the circle of vapers that are already aware of the power of vaping as a quit method.

So without further waffle on my part, I will share the link to the book it is not released yet but when it is it will be available on Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble etc. Just order online and it will be delivered. Hard copy available initially, ebook later and on Dr Mendelsohn’s site.

All your questions about vaping.

:white_check_mark: Can vaping help me quit smoking?

:white_check_mark: Is it really safer than smoking?

:white_check_mark: Does vaping cause ‘popcorn lung’?

:white_check_mark: Is it legal to vape nicotine in Australia?

:white_check_mark: Does nicotine cause cancer?

:white_check_mark: Which devices are best for beginners?

:white_check_mark: What is mouth-to-lung vaping?

:white_check_mark: How much nicotine do I need?

:white_check_mark: Why is vaping controversial?

Available 29 November 2021

Please support those that fight and support us.


Thx so much, Woftam. I didn’t know about this book until now. My SIL is trying to quit.


My brother from another Wallaby, been looking for this…you are the man :+1:


Awesome Brother!!! Very cool, I love to proselytize and this will come in very handy!!


While reading Dr. Mendelsohn’s “Vaping FAQs” on his website one of the questions he answered was “Is vaping cheaper than smoking?”
I almost fell out of my chair reading his answer…
" Australia has the highest priced cigarettes in the world. A pack a day smoker currently pays $12,775 per year for a pack of cigarettes. 20 Marlboro’s is $35.00."

Googling the exchange rate (as of today) $1.00US is $1.36AU
I smoked 2 packs a day before quitting. Holy sheeeit!!! :open_mouth: Even back then it was getting expensive! Not even sure what a pack costs in the US nowadays.


But that fact has absolutely nothing to do with Australia’s ridiculous stance on vaping…… and I’ve run up Everest backwards carrying the Eiffel Tower.


Yes it’s ridiculous but for someone wondering if vaping is cheaper, his answer speaks volumes.


This is why my quit app on my phone says

The majority of the $ goes to the government they collect around $17 billion per year in taxes from 2.5 million smokers their stance on vaping has nothing to do with protecting that income stream :rofl: :thinking:


Dude, I had no idea an app like that exists. I need!!
You have saved a nice bit of pocket change


Is it on audible with an aussie narration?


Just ordered my copy on Amazon (US) :+1: Thanks again @woftam for the heads up on this.


A good book for the way it’s written. But I would write it with the title “stop smoking, go in for sports!”. Why switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, so you will never quit smoking. Read better physical education essay, I used https://studydriver.com/physical-education-essay/ for this. For me, it’s like a motivation. I look at healthy people, what they do, how they spend their day and I like it. I also want this, you need to change your life, and not look for an alternative.

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It’s called Harm Reduction. If you are vaping, chewing nicotine gum etc… you are not smoking.

You may need to find an alternative forum.


Boy, did I screw up. I switched from smoking to vaping when I was 60. I could have taken up MMA, football, or gotten the old hockey gear back out.

Some day, when you’re a little older, you’ll figure out that life is one big long string of alternatives.


I did quit smoking and I do vape.


I think you’re missing the point. The use of Electronic cigarettes (vaping) IS NOT smoking.


@Letitia Me, too. It seems some folks have too much time on their hands and like to “help” others with their advice. I am thrilled that I haven’t smoked in 8+ years and so are my lungs and heart…and my doctor !!


Dr Colin has made his book free as an e-book download from his website - I know I am preaching to the converted here but you may have a stubborn friend or relative who could benefit from a copy to tip them towards vaping.