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Dr. Drew weighs in on vaping!


She hates teas, vanillas, ice creams, creams in general, fruits, bakery


Tobacco. Do tobacco. Who knows? Maybe she’s weird like that.


Yeeeah, that’s pretty much the full gamut of schtuff, there. Sounding a bit less like ‘she dislikes certain smells when you vape’ and a bit more like ‘she’s grousing about any aspect to get you to stop, full-stop’. And since you’ve made clear you’ve no intention of doing so, back to stalemate. So sorry. Constant drama over something you love is rough.

On the plus side, if this girl isn’t the girl, you can always take comfort that there ARE single vapers out there. I met my guy on ECF over 6 years ago. He was in New Hampshire, not looking for someone. I was in Arizona, not looking, and blammo. We’ve been together 6+ years now, and I credit vaping w getting us together… that’s one thing we never argue about. lol


In all seriousness, I had the same experience with my wife. She tried to make me stop vaping and go back to cigarettes. She said she didn’t mind the smell of cigarette but cried everytime she smell my vape. I just kept on vaping, and after several months, she came to accept that I will keep vaping and wont go back to ciggarettes. She said she also noticed the health differences. I dont know what to tell you except just keep on vaping, being healthier and hopefully she’ll come around. Good luck, man.


@delltrapp that is so wild! I can’t imagine what would be more preferable about smell of cigs, but I’m very glad she’s ok with it now. Sometimes just the change is rough on partners. May not have been anything specific to vaping or cigs, but just the total departure from your norm? And at least she recognizes she’ll have you around for longer on the vape than the cancer sticks, which is…ya know… pretty darn huge.


Thank you. She still wont let me vape around her, though… But yeah, improvements was made! I really hope your gf would come around too, @R113


Oh, people who hate stuff before learn to like it over time. It’s not necessarily the flavor odor as it is, like you said the whole aspect of it. Waste of money to those who don’t vape plus the chemicals used. I gave her a choice first of vaping, Copenhagen, heroin, meth or pot


In the same boat with you on this. As long as i don’t directly vape around her…like while watching a movie inside, she’s getting used to it but still hates it.


I didn’t know bobby lee had a talk show