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Dr. Drew weighs in on vaping!






ahh, nothing. I posted that an hour ago.


Oh really? I’m sorry. I did a quick forum search for Dr. Drew and nothing came up.

Edit: ok found it under the Farsalino thread


So short ibwas pumped to hear it keep going ,…


Yeah it could have been longer but hey, Dr. Drew is cool!


My gf weighs in on my vaping all the time and hates it. Hates it.


Who would of thought a Youtube would come up with the perfect talk on “whats wrong with vaping, I can’t find anything” dilemma. Great video find.


Have you tried seeing if there’s a firmware update for her? :wink: lol


Ask her if she’d prefer you smoking instead.


The guy said we don’t know what it does yet, implying there could be long term harm. Yes, the possibility exists, but people have been vaping for 10 years now. I’m no doctor, but if there were any serious problems with vaping, you’d think they’d be manifesting by now.

The FDA will approve drugs for millions to consume with only a few years of testing. If the same “caution” were used for drug approval think of how that would play out.


She hates it because of all the “chemicals” which she means flavoring and hates the smell. I’m not gonna stop doing something I enjoy just because a SO doesn’t like it.


Why? Takes decades for smoking issues to show up for most.


Sure. However, if someone were to smoke for 10 years there would be indicators of harm being done, such as decreased lung function.


she said its the same thing. just chemicals and its not good for me. I could not change her mind nor reason with her on this vape thing so I told her that everyone has a vice. I’m not stopping the “vape thing” and enjoy creating mixes and vaping the hell out of them. I like making my own mixes because I know exactly what’s in them and how much compared to commercial mixes where I have no idea. she’s still mad AF and told me she would start doing things that piss me off…in which I told her she’s already doing that…getting mad all the time about stuff that’s not gonna change…and so it goes…


:flushed:That’s controlling behavior for sure. You know the situation best, but I would start thinking about an ‘upgrade’, as mentioned earlier.
Man, that’s such a bummer!


I figure not change anything and either she can learn to like it


Smoked for 10+ years a pack a day. Quit 7 years ago and haven’t smoked a cigarette since. My vape is attached to my lips whenever possible. Had lung culture done a few months ago. Doc said I had the lungs of a non smoker. So when people tell me vaping is unhealthy, I tell them I’ll trust my doc and actual tests taken than some paid shills YouTube video or uninformed opinion. Props to Drew.


This should be a new trend. As many ex-smokers/current vapers that have the will and means ought to get this test and post the broad details. Attatch a history of smoking years and average amount smoked, as you’ve done. How long having switched, etc…


Thank you! Same here, smoked for 18 years, quit about 8 years ago, never touched cigs since. When I smoked, I could feel how funky my lungs were… i woke up hacking many many days. I’ve got none of that with vaping. And I do the ‘vape attached to my face 90% of time’ thing, too. :wink: Thrilled to hear your lung culture verifies your experience. I’ve had a few lung function tests that were vastly improved from pre-vaping days, but hadnt actually had a culture with the inside view. lol

@R113 What kinda mixes are you vaping that she hates the smell of? I’m way less high maintenance now, but way back when i started vaping years back I actually realized i spent way less on scented candles and air fresheners than before I vaped, because 1)no stinky cig smell to try to overpower, and 2) vape smells great! And we’re constantly pfooffing that stuff into the air… when my guy and i are both vaping in a small room and I walk back in after being outside for a few, smells fantastic. lol I’d tell her you’re willing to compromise… she can put in a request for stuff she likes the smell of. :stuck_out_tongue: