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As, quite rightly, the article says, it’s up to us to continue to spread the word!
We have to change the perception the there is about vaping.
As you know I work in the cruise ship business and one of the things I noticed going around the globe (I’m in Singapore unfortunately now) it’s that a lot of people tell me that they tried vaping once but haven’t been able to stick to it so they went back smoking cigarettes, that matches the 11% that the article talks about.

The question is… why did they give up?
I think that the answer is: They haven’t been helped in the correct way by an expert they have been left on their own without any help or support.
Whoever sold them the first setup made a mistake without following their tastes and suite their way of smoking.
In some instances I’ve been successful by helping them ( I had enough flavor and bases with me to support a bloody army… as usual) by asking them what they preferred, talk about their setup, having them rebuild their coils and helping them to make them better, show them how to put the cotton correctly and make some S&V to lure them into a new world.
I met them again after a couple of years and you all know what they said, after talking to you, tasted the liquids you gave me I changed my setup, got deeper into it, started making one shots and I’m trying to learn more to do some liquids as you do, you open a new world, never touched a sigarette again etc etc and thanked me for it.
That made me feel as if I saved a life!
On the other hand I hear a lot of people saying: I tried but didn’t like it , it’s not for me.
I know we won’t change the world and probably that 11% will remain as such,
it’s not just a matter of spreading the word, people already know about vaping, but it’s up to us to give some sound advise and help them, we make the difference, we that make such good liquids and know all the insights are the ones that make the difference, not a shop and not the most expensive setup, it’ll end up in a drawer…


Wow. This is an amazing article. I make sure to give facts about vaping and try to educate people that scoff at me. I also have a few friends that have tried vaping. Some have actually been able to quit smoking. It’s all about the way the information is passed when a person starts. (As mentioned above haha)
My husband and I actually almost quit vaping back in April of 2016 when we started because we were pushed on devices that didn’t work. Little information was passed. So we did extensive research and found an amazing BnM that helped us. Too this day, they are friendly and helpful. Even though we only buy mods now.


Great info, I run Into alot of people who say they tried and couldn’t stay with it. When I ask about what they used, what percentage they were trying, it’s obvious why it didn’t work. I always share some info to get them back on track, mix up some juice of flavors they show interest in and follow up to see how they are doing. I think if B&M shops spent more time doing this it would make a huge difference in the Vaping community. I lost more than one family member to smoking before Vaping caught on…Vaping is life saving we need to help people understand that and help smokers make the move to curing themselves. I have mixed and given away more free juice then I can count because that’s what matters.


Unsure whether it deserves it on post but figured this be good relevant spot. Received this in a vendor email today.
Found his last statement in the video very interesting. “There is a curious reduction in drug, alcohol and tobacco use where you see high levels of vaping”


As a recovering alcoholic with a little bit of drug use mixed in, I got to say vaping does help. Especially when I am craving marijuana I just take a big old rip off my vape and I feel a little bit better. I noticed that when I’m craving alcohol I tend to vape a lot more juice. I guess I never really thought about it until I watch this little segment.


Keep up the good fight! :tada: Solidarity Sister! :sunglasses:… 8yrs :no_entry_sign: :tumbler_glass:

Well, when you get to the point of vaping +/- 750ml of juice a day, we’ll need to have a little intervention get together at your place! :wink: Otherwise… vaping, as an addiction, isn’t so bad, huh?


That’s the realest truth. Hell, I’m happy to be here with other fellows!
Rock it!:smirk_cat: