Dragon Fruit from Vaping Zone

Hello everybody
I have almost 30 ml of VZ Dragon Fruit. I use it in a MM clone but it\s only at .5%, so I need to find some other recipes to use it in. I find a lot of recipes in here, where i have most of or all the flavors, except they usually contains Dragon Fruit fra TFA. There are many of them who looks very very tasty too.
So my question is if I could swap the TFA Dragon Fruit, with VZ Dragon Fruit, so I can use it before it get’s old.
VZ suggest 5% as a starting point as a single flavor, and TFA suggest around 8% as a starting point.
Are the flavor profiles similar if I adjust for the potency in them? Here on ELR the VZ one is averaging around 2.4 % in a mix, as the one from TFA average around 4,9%
I would be very happy for some advice here.
Here are a couple of examples of what I want to try out.
Bombies nana Cream
Dragon Cream Swirl and Girl with the Dragoon Cheescake

Bombies nana cream is a delicious ADV for me, highly recommend it

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Simple answer, Yes. Yes you can substitute your current flavor concentrate in the recipe. You will just need to make adjustments in % based on your palate. It appears you have already thought this thru and are on the right path. Good Luck & Good Vaping!


Thank you vey much Grubby and Mark. Then I will make a Nana Cream Asap:slight_smile:

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I would call and ask them what brand of Dragon Fruit they sold you. They are local here and to the best of my knowledge VZ doesn’t make any flavorings at all…just rebottle/label. You may actually have TPA DF from them :thinking:


Thank you for your info SthrnMixer.
This is the one I purchased, VZ Dragon Fruit so I made a test batch for the Bombies nana cream and used the median suggest on ELR’s that said 1%
Right after mix it tasted delicious. That said, I did not get any taste from the DF, so you might be right. I am not comfortable to call and speak with my second language, as I have some hearing issues, and use hearing aid…
But I am gonna try to do some investigates on the issue you stated here. Thank you.

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I called VZ and asked them about their Dragon Fruit. I was told they don’t make the flavoring and where they source it from is proprietary information. I mentioned I’ve used DF from TPA, CAP, INW and FLV and the man said it’s none of them. So it could be he doesn’t know where they get it, is lying about where they get it, or maybe he’s just not saying. I would like to think they are sourcing from a flavor manufacturer, but if they aren’t then there’s no telling - it could be anyone’s DF.

It was my understanding that Vaping Zone is similar to Bakers Flavors which (again i only read in a thread) is from Russia. Some say China. It seems many of the Super Concentrates Bakers, VZ, FE and SC (diyejuice) are close in profiles and strengths but all slightly different somehow. Not sure where im going with this. It seems i have more questions than answers :wink:

That seems odd. I really appreciate your effort here. I am gonna use this one bottle from VZ, and if they won’t revile where they have it from, or who are making it, then I never by from them again. Guess sticking to the more known brand’s like TFA, CAP, FA and INW is the best thing to do. But with my tight budget, it would be sad to throw away 25 ml’s of flavorconsentrate.
Thank you again SthrnMixer :smiley:

If you like it there’s no reason to throw it away. Like I said before, they are local for me here. And while I know them to be real assholes in their store, they also have a good reputation for their liquids. The flavors they sell are the same ones they make their liquids from. The entire conversation here was only academic anyway…where is the DF from, right? I have several flavors that I picked up from them and some are so obviously off the beaten path in that they’re good, they’re just not from the most popular makers we in DIY are accustomed to.

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It says it’s alcohol based???

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Yes, I saw that too. Has that any practical importance?