Dragon Fruit Tips?

I have some Dragon Fruit (CAP) and have been wanting to use it in something. I don’t have much as it was a sample so I’m looking for some tips by others that have more experience with this flavor. Is it a strong flavor needing low %s? Does it overpower other flavors? Or is it sort of weak and would be overpowered by certain other fruit flavors?

I’ve looked through some recipes but the %s seem to be all over the place. I would like the dragon fruit to be the “star” of the recipe but also have other complementary flavors backing it up.

I will probably add some Marshmallow, Sweet Cream or Whipped Cream to the mix to give it some body.

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Here is a list of the other flavors I have on hand at the moment:

Apple Pie (Cap)
Apricot (Cap)
Banana (Cap)
Banana Cream (TPA)
Blueberry (Cap)
Bubble Gum (Cap)
Bubblegum (TPA)
Butter (Cap)
Butter Cream (Cap)
Cake Batter (Cap)
Champagne (TPA)
Coconut Candy (TPA)
DIY menthol
Dragon Fruit (Cap)
Ethyl Maltol 10%
French Vanilla (Cap)
Golden Pineapple (Cap)
Graham Cracker v1 (Cap)
Green Apple (Cap)
Honeydew Melon (Cap)
Juicy Orange (Cap)
Key Lime (TPA)
Koolada 10% (TPA)
Marshmallow (TPA)
New York Cheesecake (Cap)
Orange Creamsicle (Cap)
Peppermint (TPA)
Sweet Cream (Cap)
Sweet Mango (Cap)
Sweet Strawberry (Cap)
Sweet Watermelon (Cap)
Tart and Sour (LA)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Cap)
Vanilla Custard v1 (Cap)
Waffle (Cap)
Watermelon (TPA)
Whipped Cream (TPA)

Here’s probably the best tip I can give you. Enter your flavors into your Flavor Stash.

Once you have them there you can use two buttons to find a lot of recipes using those ingredients. What Can I Make will show you everything you can make with the ingredients you have on hand. Search By Flavor Stash will let you select specific flavors in your stash that you want to see all recipes that use it. Between the two you’ll get lots of good options. Another side benefit is that if you make your Flavor Stash public you will never have to type that list again.

Remember that once you see the results you can click on the Rating column to sort things by the highest ratings. Also, if you click on any flavor in a recipe it will bring up some info that will show you minimum, maximum, and average %'s used both for single ingredient recipes and when using that flavor in a mix.

Here’s a link to the ELR Guide that describes these functions.


If you’ve already done this then just disregard this post.


I know you want a strong dragonfruit flavor, but this is my fave recipe with dragonfruit and it’s really simple:

I would keep the banana cream % the same even though you have TPA, but use your CAP sweet strawberry at 5% since it’s a little more concentrated than the TPA straw it calls for.

Also like Benny said, put all your flavors into your stash so you can see what you can make. It’ll like totally change your life, man.


@Big_Benny_MI and @ffrank, I have entered all the flavors in my stash (wasn’t public but now is) and have looked at the recipes that I can make. I have searched the recipes using dragon fruit and as I mentioned, the %s were all over the place. I appreciate the tips using the site but as you can see I have many recipes I’ve created and added to the site with about 2/3 not public yet as I’m still in the developmental / improving stages with them.

@ffrank, thanks for the recipe but I can’t tell from that whether or not the Dragon Fruit is a prominent flavor. Reading through the comments, no one mentions the dragon fruit just the banana and mostly strawberry.

Just looking for some insight into what others have experienced in regards to Capella’s Dragon Fruit.

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Yup, I noticed you had several recipes. Flavor stash wasn’t public so I didn’t want to assume it was done. I’ve only used Dragonfruit (TPA). All the recipes I’ve used it in call for 3% and I don’t find it overpowering at all. In those it was more of a back note rounding out the other flavors.

Perfect, that’s what I was looking for. Thanks!

I’ve been playing around with an idea but was wondering if I should bump up the Dragon Fruit a bit.

4% Dragon Fruit (CAP)
3% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
3% Juicy Orange (CAP)
3% Coconut Candy (TPA)
2% Marshmallow (TPA) - for some body

This would be in a 70+ VG ratio. I want the Dragon Fruit to be the star here so I might bump it up to 6% and create a test batch to see where I am. Also looking for coconut notes as I really like that in my Tiger’s Blood recipe. Not sure about the addition of the Juicy Orange either. That’s the fun of DIY though. Mix and match, love some, hate some.

on my flavor i would cut down on the strawberry and definitly cut down on the orange to get the dragon fruit to shine. just for my taste. i really think that orange will slay the dragon maybe at 1.5%


My few attempts with Orange have all about slayed me even at or below 1%. Just kills my throat. I really want a good Orange in my fruit vapes too…:sob:

Orange cream tfa in combination with orange FA and manderine FA is fantastic. I hopefully have my first recipie with that almost ready to go public. Test #3 of 30ml bottles gets 8 days more steep time before testing. 15ml mixes where good, just used them up too fast and bottle 3 of that welp there was a night of drinking and people saying “ooo” that’s tasty and then it was gone.

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Thanks for the info on the juicy orange. I have decided to replace the orange with some green apple. I’m also replacing the marshmallow with some whipped cream to get rid of a lot of the sweetness the marshmallow adds but still have the body I was looking for with the whipped cream.The dragon fruit got bumped up a bit and the apple and strawberry got dropped in %s.

Now time to mix up a batch and let it steep for a couple of weeks to let all the flavors mix and mingle. I’m sure this is another one that will be a work in progress.

heres the best tip ever:
on the ELR home page, in the search box, type in DarthVapor and when he comes up, click on his name and it will take you to his recipe pages. from there, you can type in dragon fruit(with and without a space) and you will get a pile of recipes. FYI: CAP df is good, real good, even. other good df are TPA (the flavor apprentice), SC(superconcentrate), and FLV isnt too bad either.
as a main flavor, i use CAPs df at 5-7%, TPAs DF at 7-8%, SCs at around 5% and FLV i havent pinned it down yet, but i’ll guess around 4-5%.
dragon fruit is probably my all time favorite flavor to work with, i absolutely love the taste! good luck and dont be shy! ask and someone will respond…or, ask me, i dont mind at all…


@Whiterose0818, Thanks! I’m really looking forward to working with the Dragon Fruit.

Don’t forget inw dragonfruit it’s really good surprised me.

hey, i completely forgot to mention this:
you can always try your hand at creating the perfect dragonfruit for yourself by blending these flavors to your liking…for example:
1% SC df
2% CAP df
3 TPA df
blended together in a recipe makes for a pretty fantastic df …ya follow?
adjust to your personal liking, my friend

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I’ll see about adding some other DF flavors to my shopping list. I see that @DarthVapor just added a new recipe using 4 different dragon fruits that sounds good too. I’m thinking the wife is really going to like this once I can nail down the perfect combination.

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A couple I have made in the last week, I got a bottle cheap and was looking to use it and found these on here:

No name, had it saved in notepad:

Dragonfruit - 10%
Strawberry - 4%
Bavarian Cream - 2%
Sweet Cream - 1%
Vanilla Swirl - 3%
Ethyl Maltol - 1%
All flavors from TFA.

And this is quite nice, also made it with no menthol:

Baby Pigeon Clone (Alpha Vapes) Tweaked
Juicy Peach (TFA) 8%
Pineapple (TFA) 5%
EM (TFA) 3%
Dragonfruit (TFA) 2%
Menthol (TFA) 2%