Drip right down or take off the topcap and drip right on your coils?

just wonder how you go drip right down or take of the barrel? im a right down dripper maybe im change that? right now i go with my black temple 28mm rda at my steam crave pmw 1.5mod


For me, it depends on the dripper. Most of my Twisted Messes I drip “down the barrel” for MTL I take off the cap


I don’t use drippers anymore (except for testing flavors) but when I did it was mostly “right down the barrel” and I often overdripped :frowning:
then I switched to squonkers which worked out better. Now back to tanks and RTA’s


Depends on the how the dripper is made. My Magma and Velocity I had to take the cap off or liquid would spill out the air intake. My Mjolnir I don’t have to open up till I need to re-coil or re-wick.