Drip Tip - ? Hybrid!

Ok guys and gals…

Has anyone seen a hybrid drip tip that is silicone at the mouth end and acrylic/delrin/ss at the base?

I have wacked my teeth too many times and a bit worried at chipping a tooth :wink:

I have found the silicon drip tips fall out too easy…

I am using the Crown 3 atm.

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I’m actually the designer of a drip tip that is both 810 AND fits on the end of your douche nozzle for a more concentrated cleaning.


the tight of the fit is dependent on your o-ring, so u may want to save all those buggers. Not sure about that tank but some wont tightly fit most tips that u will find (kayfun5)

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I drive a Ranger p/u with a stiff suspension. It can be a real gut shaker on rough pavement. I worry about the same thing. I make sure I’m on smooth pavement or wait and get my vapes in, at traffic signals.

A quick fix for loose fitting drip tips is to remove the o-ring(s) and put a wrap or two of waxed dental floss in the o-ring grooves then put the o-rings back on. That’s always done the trick for me.


Its a given when u order any tip, i tie it in the channel

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I never ran into loose fitting drip tips until I ordered some after market Kayfun bell caps from Fasttech. The drip tips were all wobbly, and came out way too easily.

If I get a loose fitting drip tip I just put a wrap of teflon tape on it… tightens it up nicely


Do you mean thread tape ??? Teflon tape/

Yep that’s the stuff

When I need a softer drip tip, I use some of those silicone drip tip “condoms” that they hand out in vape shops. I cut the end that has the smaller opening off, then simply slide the rest of the silicone protector onto whatever drip tip I’m using.

This is the type that I’m talking about: https://www.amazon.com/Disposable-Test-Silicone-Drip-Cover/dp/B00JF894LE

I drive an old Ford F150, and all of my metal drip tips have these on them so that I don’t chip a tooth and look even more like white-trash-ridgebilly than I already do!


:open_mouth: You fellas should know you’re not supposed to bite the tip.

:woman_facepalming: I’ve been around @Cutlass92 too much.


Seen a Silicone and Silica but not a silicon at the mouth end and acrylic/delrin/ss at the base.

How do you do that??? wack your drip tip against your teeth? I mean its similar as touching the tip off your nose, by the time i can’t do that anymore i’m so drunk even my mother can’t remeber my name.

Yes silicone … will edit that.