Drop of Juice Tastes Great - Can’t Tase When Vaped

I’ve been making juice now for over a year and I wanted to see if anyone has an input on this issue I seem to have.

Every once in a while, I’ll make a juice and even after steeping up to a week, sometimes a recipe I make will taste great if you take a drop to the mouht for tase test, it smells phenomenal, but then you vape it and there’s almost no distinguishing taste?

I understand steep times come into play along with what you Vapes before testing the new flavor (Cotton Candy makes it difficult to taste any other juices afterwards because of the ethyl
Maltol), but some other recipes I make have a fantastic taste and smell all the way around.

Thanks for any input!



@Vape_Juice_Recipes This is almost too big of a Question. It is THE question. Everything about your Mod, your atty type (+coils …wicking), your VG/PG ratio, the flavors in question, the recipe? When I think about this I recall hundreds of posts here on ELR focused on squeezing the most enjoyment out of the overall process, but it’s a hundred tiny details from as many angles. Your flav % could be too high or too low…it’s endless. You could start with just the recipe if it’s not a secret :wink: heh


The main thing that comes to mind given these particular descriptors is: if it happens when there’s used cotton already in the tank/deck, then perhaps it’s being muted by remaining aspects of previous liquids? (too much EM aka Ethyl Maltol? Chemical cancelation (extremely rare I’d imagine, but chemically possible), and then there’s always good old “vapor’s tongue” where you’re just temporarily burnt out on a certain flavor).

Hard to say. Wish you luck!


The other day I ran out of my precious SS 316L fused claptons (2x 26g/38g). My coils were about a month old, cleaned several times already and had a big layer of gunk on them again. So I said what the heck, just try another Kanthal buid (regular 24g). I also swapped my regular koh gen doh for a some cotton bacon v2 that I still had. All on the Dead Rabbit, dual coil.
Never had any issue with flavor on that RDA but suddenly … all flavor gone.

I’ve given it a day, who knows, maybe the cotton needs to break in but nothing. Made me some of my favorite coils again, rewicked and bang, full on flavor again.

So yeah, I’m there with BoDarc on this. coils, wicking, atty, … it can all have a huge impact and make flavor be gone.


Thanks for all the input guys. Vapers tongue definitely came to mind because I can taste it by the drop but not Vapor but then i can’t even taste it first vape in the morning.

The flavor I’m trying is a blueberry cotton candy so EM probably wouldn’t be the factor I don’t think. I’ve tried upping the blueberry candy and blueberry extra by TPA that I have in it but still no results. Without looking up my recipe, here’s about what I’m working with;

2% cotton candy (circus)
5% blueberry extra
5% blueberry candy
.5% marshmallow (to go with the cotton candy)
2% Sweetener (trying to bring out the blueberry more)

The wicking is a definite possibility because just a few days ago I made the switch on my tfv12 and went from the prebuilt coil to the rbd replacement. I like to think I’m a wicking pro but who knows.i just put a new wick in so I guess we will see

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For me, that’s approaching over-flavoring (if TFA). My experience/preference with that one in particular is 2-3% (no more than 4%).

Also cotton candy is typically EM. And I try to keep that at or under 1% (Typically 0.5-.75%)

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Very good information, I really appreciate it. That may be might problem then. I’m your opinion is blueberry extra ok at 6%?

IMO, try it lower (2-3%) first… Some TFA need lower percentages. This is definitely one of them.

Well vape first then Tase the person. Might help.

The thing with overflavoring is, you can have a SF juice mixed at 5% or 6% flavoring and have full on flavor, but when you’re using it in a mix at 3%, it all starts muting :frowning:

If you notice that your flavors aren’t shining like they should (or before you mix at all), it’s always a good idea to check the ingredients of your used flavors. Some of them have up to 10% EM in them already and they can really add to the mix and give you a little hidden EM bomb.