Dropped my mod, time for new tank

Hey now…been using my Fireluke Mesh tank for over a year. Never any problem. Dropped my mod yesterday and while the tank didn’t break, internal post or something bent and is all cockeyed. Works but looks really odd. I’ve been thinking of a new tank for a while. Considered an RDA but my experience rebuilding with the Drop Dead was less than stellar and was more frustration than anything else. I’m on the go all the time and need something with a good capacity. My Fireluke has a larger tank I got from another vendor. Any recommendations on a mesh type tank? I am sold on mesh. Was thinking about the pro but would like to hear some other opinions on the options out there. Thanks!

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OK…I dont buy sub ohm tanks…but I ordered a mod from Breazy…and when it came …in the package was the box with mod an another smallish box…I pulled it out an it was a tank…Freemax Mesh pro… now I knew the mod did not come with a tank…also looked on my invoice to check to make sure…nope nothing…plus this tank was Pink…I mean Pink…

I called Breazy up to see how to return it to them…the CS girl said keep it…its on us…

next mornin i said i should try this tank…so washed it out waited for it to dray…loaded up with juice…waited an hour or so for it to get saturated…thru on mod…an vaped…Boy was i surprised how good it was…it has mesh coils also…came with 2…any ways i kept vapeing on it all day it was smooth air flow…flavor was top shelf…
now this is the first tank i ever used like this with mesh coils…i have to say this to me is a great tank for what it is…I would highly reccomend it just by using it…

its well built …the top cap an air flow ring are a resin…looks nice actuially an the pink sorta grew on me…lol…

But if your in the market for a nice tank…give this a look…FreeMax Mesh Pro…

i may even buy some spare coils now…haha…

Good luck on your choice


Get the crown 4 with mesh coil. 6ml if its not tpd version and its super tasty


There’s a new Fireluke Mesh that’s larger with more powerful coils/tank. Saw with eyes, have not looked online.




So I got a fire Luke mesh for Christmas and couldn’t even get through the kanthal break in flavor. I literally gave it away to the first person I could find. I still would like to try stainless mesh but buying coil heads is not for me anyways. They cost more and don’t taste as good as coils I make. I guess what I’m saying is don’t count out nonmesh rtas/rdas, and give stainless a shot.


Pink actually is a great anti-theft deterrent around ppl with slippery hands. But yes, you will need an excuse why your sporting something pink. :wink:


I’d highly recommend the Falcon by Horizon Tech. I have the Pro but they have several out. I prefer the M1 mesh coil heads, mainly due to their longevity. While I usually stick to my RDAs… every once in a while I’ll change it up. If I vaped the Falcon every day, I’d guess the coils would last for 3 weeks or so.


Second on the Falcon with M1 coils. I picked up a second tank and went with the Falcon Resin since it’s what the store had in stock. It came with their new Triple Mesh coil and I’ve been vaping on it for a few days. I like it, but it costs a few bucks more a pack and it definitely goes through juice faster. Not bad for a change, but I’ll mainly stick with the M1s.


I vaped on the FreeMax tank today, and the flavor was excellent for a subohm prebuilt coil. Highly recommended


I have tried all 3.
The falcon is a good tank with nice flavour.
The mesh pro is an upgrade to your damaged one and edges it a bit for flavour.
The crown 4 mesh coils are witchcraft. Not sure how but the flavour is much improved from the previous 2


Another vote for the pro.
Thought it was good with the coils supplied until i jumepd on the triple and oh my what a difference. Run at 80w so chew through the bat bit quicker but i always have spares so no real drama. Not a fan of single or dual (dual ok for flavour) but the triple for me is in a league of its own.
Just my 2c and how it has worked for me. :+1: