Dropping a line

Hello everyone. I apologize that I have not been active on the site lately. I recently went back to work at my previous job that often has me travelling and unable to do much mixing. I have worked at this commercial roofing company for 12 years previously and after over 15 years … fate would call me back. Funny how that works but I was always happy there and love commercial roofing.

I would also like to give a shout out to Pro Vapes for the flavoring he sent me for free recently. Thank you.

I will post when I can and happy mixing to you all.


Good morning and glad to see you posting. Working outdoors and on the road sure would make mixing very difficult. Hope you can at least make enough to keep yourself supplied!


Thanks … good thing is that we stay pretty close to home. Last week I was in Augusta Ga, Raleigh NC and this week in Myrtle Beach SC. I take enough with me to last the duration of the trip and I mix more when I get home so it has not been a problem yet. :grin:

You’ve been all around me then. I’m in Columbia, SC. If you’re in the area I would recommend Planet Vapor. They have 3 locations. Vapingzone.com is also here and you can go to their store but even their inside sales are actually online purchases. You can either order and go pick up or use their kiosk in the store. They’re kind of jackasses in there but their juices and products are pretty competitively priced. Oh and Madvapes has a store here too but their in the entertainment district with a tiny parking lot.

Dude, I live in Columbia SC … My buddy Andy is the manager at Mad Vapes in 5 Points. I have been to the Planet Vapor on Garners Ferry Rd a few times because it is the closest to my house. What part of town are you in? I’m off of Leesburg Rd and Garners Ferry.

Springdale/West Columbia. I’m hearing that damn song at the Disney ride in my head now it’s a small world after all :smile:

I used to hit that Planet Vapor location till they opened one on Huger. That’s closer to me. I buy cotton, talk to John the mixer dude, and just hang around a little. I used to spend a lot of money there but not anymore.

I met Andy by the way. Bought some nickel wire from him when I first got my eVic. He’s a nice dude and that’s a decent enough store. Just the location sucks if you’re not a college student on foot!

But now you know what I’ve been saying is the truth. There are a LOT of shitty vape shops around. The guys at Planet are very knowledgeable. I can’t say for Madvapes but I’m thinking so there too. But 9 out of 10 vapers agree…most of the places around here are run by people who don’t know the difference between crap and apple butter. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have met John at Planet Vapor a few times as well. Pretty cool dude and an awesome mixer. If I’m not mistaken, I believe he is also the owner.

I do agree that 5 Points is an inconvenient location due to the lack of parking availability and the overall congestion from all the locals and college students. I sure have had a bunch of fun times there though. I used to play in bands and we often gigged at the old Rockafellas and the Elbow Room.

Welcome back!

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I would love to know John’s recipe for his Universal Milk.Tell you man of all the strawberry/custard juices I’ve had that is by far my favorite. Once it’s steeped about a month it’s the bomb.com. But I refuse to buy it, so oh well.

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Thanks Lostmarbles … :sunglasses:

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