Drops per ml

So, when making a recipe, how and or why would I change the drops per ml box? My brother got me into this and he suggested just go in sort of the middle with 25 because he doesn’t know. Lol. Thanks everyone!

Drops is a really imprecise measurement to use when mixing. You can use them, but the number of drops per ml will vary widely with the type of bottle/dropper, viscosity of the liquid, base, etc. You would be better using syringes to mix by ml if you really want to mix by volume. If you stay with drops, 25 is about average, but I’ve had some that were much less and some that were much more.

I strongly encourage you to look into getting a scale and mixing by weight. It is much easier, more precise, faster, and makes clean up a breeze. Here’s a few links to get you started if you want to look into it some more. :slight_smile:


Alright thanks! It does look like everyone prefers weight. Thanks for the suggestion.

Started using drops then went to syringes. Finally got scales and never looked back. It’s the way to go.


I agree weight is probably the most accurate but I use syringes.

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I only use Disposable Luer Lock Syringes, it is Fail safe, use the shortest blunt tipped needles as possible 1/4 works great. That measurement can be replicated time and time again, no fear of dead batteries or an old faulty scale that use to work but now your are unsure of I am sure a high end drug scale would work at least till it fails.

I should also mention that some might say that needle’s volume is not accounted for, but if you pull a volume of 0.1ml or 10ml that slight air gap at the plunger will be the same volume of the needle so there is absolutely no need for concern of accuracy.

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