"Drowning" feeling when vaping

Here is a nice 100% VG mix with VG based flavors:

There’s quite a selection of VG based flavors if PG is the problem.


He uses a VooPoo Mojo with the U2 cartridges. On the default settings.

Yeah, I tried all the way to 10/90 VG/PG and it didn’t change anything except being harsh :sweat_smile: and making his throat burn. I think I’ll try the recipe suggested by @Plunderdrum.

Yes, he still coughs when he tries mine. I don’t think it matters which flavor I use… so maybe the flavor isn’t the issue…

About a month now. When he first said something to me about it, I thought “hmm maybe it’s covid…” but he has no fever, no loss of smell or taste, no other symptoms. Just a deep cough and tight, full feeling when he vapes and only when he vapes for more than a day at a time.

I’ll look into VG flavors when I have a little more money to spend :sweat_smile:

Again thank you all for the suggestions. I’ll try what I can and make note of those that’ll have to wait for $$. Thank you also for the good luck wishes. It’s all appreciated.


Lungs are mentioned 15 times here:

Could read:


I think Session Drummer hit the nail on the head. I would get him on a high nicotine low power pod. Get him off the DTL so he takes smaller hits and gets the nic he needs. If he relapsed back to analog you have to treat it as a new vaper. 18 mgmt may be too low to start. Level would depend on how much he smoked. Might want to start on salts and wean it down gradual and mix 50/50 and bump the flavors up about 2 percent for each flavor… Looks like a trip to Heartland.


Have you tried no nic.


Just another thought, if you give a smoker a puff DTL they will almost always almost cough up a lung. Is your hubby smoking cigs all day at work then comming home and vaping. And as I said above, maybe reduce the nic, it seems that in most comments your increasing the nic, try zero and see what happens. You can always take it back up.


this caught my eye . speaking as a past heavy smoker . earlier this year i ran out of nic. and had to relapse back to cigs .

it was a bit before i got some nicotine . but when switching back to the vape from cigs . i did experience coughing and i did experience my lungs feeling like they did when i had a sever case of brohnchitis every time i took a puff . which caused me to got back to cigs . these effect lasted unitl i stopped smoking cigs at work and coming home and vaping .

edit: taking smaller puffs did help


If I can find an inexpensive MTL device that is refillable and not a Juul type pod, I’d be happy to have him try this!

I’ll give this a try, too. Probably with a VG/DW mix instead of VG/PG.

Not at work, no. We are both disabled home bodies. :blush: He’ll get a pack of cigarettes, stretch it out as much as possible, then vape when he runs out of cigs. A pack will last him 2-3 days.

As I said above, I’m trying to help convince him to just put them down and walk away from them but the problems he is having with the vape is making that hard to do. He weaned himself off last time, for some reason it just isn’t working for him, now.

I have been sharing these suggestions with him and he said he’d give this a shot. It definitely couldn’t hurt :joy:


If he’s smoking 10 analogs a day he.should be able to keep the ni c down 18 mg/ml . Freebase should be fine. Another option would be a MTL RTA. Higher the Ohm coil the better to keep the wattage down. No ni c to buy and i had seen a lot of cheep MTL tanks on clearance.


I haven’t tried these, as I don’t do MTL, but the name Steam Crave is synonymous with Quality. @SessionDrummer may have some guidance to offer here.


Funny anecdote:

A lady at a party my band played last weekend, smoking a cigarette, asked to try my vape. I said “It’s going to make you cough,” but she insisted. “I smoke vape, I’ll be fine,” she said :roll_eyes:

The ridiculous coughing that ensued was hilarious. Cough cough Oh, my god, you were right! Cough hack cough! She was ok and had a big laugh about it when she regained composure.

I’m at 0.14ohm, dual coil, 78 watts. I fully agree that your guy should try a high quality MTL set-up.


@Wombatred26 , I forgot to mention that Sweet Tangerine CAP is a PG-free flavor. It’s an Alcohol based flavor, probably an extract. Unless you bought the Reduced Flashpoint version, denoted with an RF in most cases. They add PG to that version so they can ship it by air.

You can check the base as “other” when creating a recipe. You will only be at 10% PG if you use the Max VG function keeping everything as written in your recipe.

The alcohol could be, but isn’t necessarily, part of the issue with coughing. 4% of an alcohol based flavor isn’t too crazy, but do make sure you’re giving it time to age.


@Wombatred26 I mixed your recipe last night, just had to swap the FA White Peach for CAP Juicy Peach and swap CAP Juicy Lemon for the Jungle Flavors version since I don’t have either flavor anymore. It is pretty tasty on the knuckle, going to load up a tank later today and give it a try.


@Wombatred26 what you are describing is very similar to my problem with heavy lung feelings. I upped the 3% dw I was using to 6% and had great results. Now that I’m using lower flavor percentage I’ve been mixing with 8% dw and having no issues unless outside for longer periods while the humidity is unusually high. Hoping you find something that works for your husband!


It’s been about a month since I mixed what he’s using. He can usually use it straight off the shake.

I did NOT know this! Good to know!

I don’t know about using the White Peach that high. I’ve found it to be a little bitter and dry. Maybe if I reduce the TFA and increase the CAP an equal amount?

I’m definitely going to try the DW. That sounds like it may solve it


I love my high vg mixes and using dw is the only way I can use them, hope it works for him too.


Sorry didn’t read all comments, but my rule has always been if a flavor seems to bother me…I’m done with it, it’s over. Strawberry ripe was one alone with many others.
I’m currently vaping 60mg nic with 4%water 100%VG no flavors-takes some getting used to (newbies this is a high dose for subohming,not recommended)
P.S their are different kinds of VG (what they are made of) I use the essential Depot from amazon.
Good luck.


Your recipe listed up top looks yummy. @threeheavens advice might work using only VG thinned with Distilled Water. Search Distilled Water on ELR for tons of info. On the psychological aspect he probably prefers cigarettes and we all know vaping just doesn’t hit that mark exactly the same. 14% flavoring is not crazy high, but it’s up there a bit. You can also search on here for lower % (but still tasty!) flavored recipes. Look at some all Flavorah (or other “concentrate” type flavs), especially some all VG flavs.

He vaped for a while and didn’t experience this. Maybe he’s smoking cigs and vaping …secretly. Something changed eh? Good luck(!) this sounds like a complex challenge on many levels. Best of luck with a resolution that can sway him off the stinkies and ease his woes. Wait? Did you try Feminine Wiles? :wink:


Every day LMAO


Here’s an example of a super low flavor% recipe (so PG is also low) with a solid flavor profile (Tobacco)