Druga RDA. single coil build?

hey vape fam! had a quick question about the Druga RDA. I recently picked one up and was wondering if anyone has attempted to do a single coil build in between the two posts? ive seen a few review videos on the rda and they state that not being able to do a single coil build as a con. But, there is clearly enough space in between the two posts to do a single coil build. Anyways, im just wondering if it would be safe to do that or do you guys think that the heat my mess up the post screws? any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks

I dont think it will hurt the RDA but the Airflow will not be optimal for a single coil.


thanks for the input. i was just curious cuz i like to drip straight through the drip tip and i find that using a dual coil build makes it quite difficult to do so

The Druga is perfect for dripping down the center. There is nothing in the way so the liquid can go straight to your wicks. You don’t need to drip directly on your coils.

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If you like an airy MTL, a single coil may work. The two opposing air hole are fixed, hence you may be effecting the single coil taste – too much air in the wrong place.