Dry hits on rx200s, not smok alien. Same wattage, coil, tank, juice

Hello my fellow vapers. I have been vaping through my smok alien (2 batteries) paired with a crown tank (using 0.5 coil) at 60 watts. This is sweet spot on this mod/coil combination.

Anyway, I purchased a Wismec RX200s and I run it with three batteries. I change my crown tank on to the rx200s and vape it at 60 watts and I get a lot of dry hits. I don’t get it???

I am vaping the same tank, same coil, same juice, all at the same wattage, however, when I vape with the rx200s I’m getting dry hits whereas when vaping exactly the same on the smok alien it is a sweet vape.

I’m think the extra battery on the rx200s may have something to do with it but I am not tech minded.

Any help out there fellow vapers?

This issue is resolved. Thanks.

just by curiosity what the problem was? :slight_smile:

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@ChainVaper The readouts across models of mods are not identical. Sounds like you discovered some different settings like TC etc, but I would guess the 3 battery mod was delivering more vape, consuming more juice. If you’re mixing at Max VG, you could also go to 70/30 as thinner juice will flow more easily/quickly (re: dry hits) or try just adding 1% distilled water to your Max VG recipes.

Hey Mohok, mate noone really knew apart from saying the wattage read out is different one different mods. Both my mods were reading the same ohms for the atomiser but the wattage is in my opinion quite different between the two mods, the rx200s needing lets watts to produce a hotter vape.

Thanks for the info mate! The rx200s is a fair beast in the hand with the 3 batteries. I wouldn’t want to drop it on my toe!

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ah i see your point… the same is happening to me between vaporesso tarot pro160W and my rx300 (the rx300 needs some more wattage ) :slight_smile: thanks for answering :slight_smile: