Dry mouth, any solution?

Hello friends.

Mixed this sample…

LemonLime + Lemon #1

Ingredient %
Lemon Lime (CAP) 13.00
Natural Lemon (SSA) 2.00
Sucralose 10% 4.00

Flavor total: 19%

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Feel dry mouth. I have EM 10% , added 0.5% but no results.

Any solution?


Lemon is over powered. I like sugary lips so thats why i added 4% but not over sweet.


When i used lemon lime i used sour to nix out the dryness i got the lemon lime really can be vaped on its own. Id use Check cookies and i only used lemon lime cap at 6% with .8 tpa sour. Solid adv just use cap ss as a sweetener. Save you time in the long run


I use ssa natural lemon 0.5-0.7%, doubt I could tolerate it at 2. One of my favorite lemons, pairs nicely with ssa lemon sour type or INW lemon mix 0.2 or VT sour lemon. Can’t help with the sweetener as I use them 0.1-0.3%.


i feel Lemon is over power and mutes the main flavor :frowning:


Personally I would drop the natural lemon down to 0.3 and maybe boost the lime a bit, I’m a fan of VT shisha lime 0.5 or INW lime 0.2. I didn’t care for cap lemon lime and honestly can’t recall what it tastes like.


Honestly, I don’t know if it’s just me but I found most Lime’s faded… I usually delete recipes I used to have or maybe sometimes I don’t save them, but flavorah makes some nice limes (super potent) that didn’t seem to fade, also FA has a Lime Cold Pressed which takes like the flesh but not tangy I guess you’d say as a lime… Persian is probably the tastiest lime I’ve had though, that’s a wicked one…

I guess I need to buy some because that sounds good, my recipe was a cherry limeade and it seemed to hit the spot but needed to bump the SS a bit to make it more zip.