Dry Vapes, DIY Mango Cream recipe

Hi All

I made this recipe a week ago at 70/30

Now, why does it feel so dry in mouth? No its not a wicking issue, or burnt taste, it just feels very dry and not very juicy you know. Anyway I can add something to fix this?

Sweet cream needs to steep especially at 4%! Give it 4 weeks minimun. You can try INW cactus at 0.25% it is known to make fruit vapes more “juicy”.
Also Pyure Liquid stevia does something magical for fruit blends and smooths them out. A few drops of 0.9% saline solution (Not eyewash kind!) is also said to reduce dryness

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Cool will try steeping it 4 weeks then. :slight_smile:

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I agree with @mixologist13. It may just need a bit more time to steep properly. Personally I would have tried it until 2 weeks. But the 3rd or 4th week week would allow for a full development.

You could also try 0.5% pear FA. 0.15 Fuji FA. Or an additional mango to the mix. Mango is one of those fruits that’s hard to nail.

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