Dulce de Chai

Hey all, rather new to mixing (about a month) but I’ve been experimenting a bit and think I’ve stumbled onto an original recipe I can be pretty proud of.

Dulce de Chai - a creamy chai latte

Of course, I’m here for some constructive criticism and will always be looking to improve this. I’ve gone through a few renditions of this “caramel & cream chai latte” since I got my first order of flavor concentrates. This is my latest, and in my opinion greatest, of all that I’ve tried. Personally, I really like STRONG flavors when it comes to spiced and/or creamy stuff, so this isn’t a light and whispy vape if you prefer that. Fair warning.

My thought process & flavor notes:

  • TFA Chai Spiced is pretty good for a single-concentrate chai flavor, but it is a bit spice heavy and doesn’t give me the impression that it’s like a drink. It can get very dry. The dilemma for me was that since I was chasing an adequate spice flavor, it didn’t satisfy at <2%. I like the flavor at 3% but it was lacking the smoothness and wet texture.

  • a small percentage of FA Black Tea (or a green tea if you prefer, I have FE and FA green teas but have not used either in this specific mix) really adds that smoothness with some slight earthy bitterness. It is an incredibly authentic concentrate IMO and was crucial to making this a chai tea recipe as opposed to a basic creams & spice.

  • FA Catalan Cream and TFA French Vanilla Creme serve as bridges between the spice flavors, with subtle notes of spice, citrus, vanilla when together they add some variation to the overall flavor profile but still do a great job at helping create that creamy latte base.

  • JF Dulce de Leche is sort of the highlight of the recipe IMO, and it wasn’t exactly what I was aiming for. The way it turned out was surprisingly good. It doesn’t really step out on it’s own like a caramel drizzle would, but instead sort of adds the body and takes the reins of the syrupy cream base. For some reason it just blends with the rest of the mix really well. It adds some weight to the creams, which is exactly what I was aiming for, but wasn’t expecting that characteristic from this flavor.

  • FA Cinnamon Ceylon adds a bit of bite and makes the subtle spice notes in other concentrates pop just a bit more, and TFA Brown Sugar brings a touch more sweetness with that slight molasses brown sugar taste that I personally enjoy. These 2 are simply accents, so whether or not to include them is completely up to you. The way my mix is right now I don’t feel any need nor urge to take them out.

Overall: It has a really dense mouthfeel, rich creaminess, a sweet tea profile that isn’t masked by the base, and subtle spices to keep your taste buds’ attention.

If this sort of profile appeals to any of you, please mix up a small batch of this, give it a week and let me know what you think! I’m open to any and all advice :slight_smile:


I’ll give you a high five. sounds legit. I’m looking to make a Dirty Chai, which is just a chai tea with a shot of espresso. Doesn’t sound good, but order one at Starbucks and let me know after. This is certainly open for many adaptations, and gave me some good ideas… I’ll need to order some flavors first… …thx

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this sounds pretty good, I love the thought process as you worked your way through adding the different flavors… I need to take more notes when I mix might save me a headach later when I need to figure what I thought of a certain flavor… Thanks for the share


notes have always been what ive lacked doing but the things i have made with multiple versions it has helped greatly that being said i also need to start taking better notes as well


little late to comment, my bad! I’ve tried a dirty chai juice when I first started, the chai and coffee flavors are an odd but pretty good combo just not my cup o’ tea ba dum tss.

If you know a good coffee flavored concentrate, do share! I only have FA Tiramisu right now, and it’s a bit too niche for what I’d want in a coffee vape

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Use the search tool on the Forum (upper right) and read the long list of Coffee flavor discussions. There are also previous Tea threads too. The Chai is already on my shopping list

This looks like a good Espresso flavor …read the “Notes” section under this link. It’s a real challenge trying to replicate an actual food flavor, and true coffee and tea vapes are elusive