Dupes and Merges

Im back checking dupes and merging flavors again, with the help of @TorturedZen. He has been incredibly helpful through all of this and i couldnt have fixed so many without his help. While some may see his 1*s as an issue the ratings have allowed me to find the incorrect flavors quickly, and just as quick as i fix them TZ removes his rating. It isnt ideal but it is working well.

This time i am just going through the most used flavors as recipes pop up or have been starred by TZ. This may have resulted in some alterations to your recipes and if i have screwed anything up please post the issues here. I have accidentally changed a couple flavor names but i caught myself just as quick as i hit enter. BUT there still may have been some errors made so holler if you see some. In the last few days i have merged a couple hundred flavors which may have affected thousands of recipes. If your recipe was 1*d and is now fixed message me or TZ with a link to the recipe.

Unfortunately some cannot be fixed as they are just flavor names with no manufacturer name. If you have questions please just ask. We cannot lock the database, we cannot scrap it and start over as there are just too many recipes on the site. There are 140k public recipes with many times that of private recipes. There are 190k flavors in the DB, maybe 20% or real, Scrapping it wasnt feasible years ago so it definitely isnt now.

Now to be an asshole for a minute as i dont have a choice. If you came to this thread to whine im sorry but i dont want to hear it. The hostility he has faced is ridiculous as he always gives the correct flavor name and a link as well as issuing a warning before he rates it. If i had been around when things really heated up i would have asked the people to backup their recipes and pack up their shit. I will give 1 warning for the type of behavior i have seen, after than i will make the individuals recipes private until they backup and then delete their account. This is only for the outrageous offenders. If you want to tell him off do so in a private message, he has a thick skin.

@TorturedZen before you 1* a recipe i ask that you give me the chance to fix it, just shoot me a message, tho your comment on their recipe will be seen by me rather quickly as i can see the last 100 comments/ratings, i check every time i log on.

Sorry for the novel but this issue needed to be addressed. Happy mixing!


Thanks to the both of you for doing this thankless job. We ALL appreciate it whole heartedly. :pray::pray::pray:


We all know the work TZ put behind the DB, and that skirmishing that went on was really silly… (and useless) but you know what, the only people that criticized were not regular users, known, but not regulars on ELR, soon forgotten to tell you the truth. They tried to put us against one another… but with no success I’d say… and @TorturedZen can confirm that…


Completely agree and thats why i mentioned that i dont want to hear them whine. Any of the forum regulars are free to chat me up anytime for anything, even if it is to complain.

I wish that we could do more to fix the DB but it is what it is.


Well said @Iv3shf.


@Ken_O_Where I’d like to complain about the SKY HIGH prices of quality NIC, VG, and PG.



For real too.

I couldnt believe ow much a glycube was at ED.


I’m sure any dent you can make make in the data base will be a huge help, much appreciated :pray:
I also can also personally say that TZ will take time out of his day to help any mixer with their flavor stash as he did for me when I first started here on ELR :call_me_hand:


With @Ken_O_Where back in the drivers seat the pace on name corrections has picked up considerably and… @Rocky02852 the dent is getting a tiny bit bigger.
@Iv3shf Couldn’t agree more!
Tanks for y’alls support! :ok_hand:


I can’t even imagine the work it takes to try to straighten things out. @TorturedZen and you should be commended for taking the time and energy to work on it.

For the folks who complain, especially those that do it in a mean, degrading fashion…F**k 'em. I guess they don’t get that both of you are doing this for free and to be of service to the community.

Please know that you and @TorturedZen are much appreciated for the service you are doing and for your presence on the board.


Not all heroes wear capes, but in this case they have long beards and ride a Harley Roadster.

Ken, a modern sage, carries around him a hand carved wooden stick, a leather satchel with coins and a fanny pack with 30mls of the finest custards… all glass bottles


I’ve never heard of a Harley Roadster. I do have the Heritage Softail Classic and the Tri-Glide Ultra.

Plus little rubber band thingies to keep the beard from whipping the shit outta me.
Pride Of Ownership! :sunglasses:



That’s cute! It’s more like this…


Don’t ask me why, but I keep visualizing Lou Albano :man_shrugging:


Dammit, you guys went ahead and triggered my LEO


Are your drumsticks slipping? - No problem, here are some tips: Go to the hardware store and buy some heat shrink tubing and cut it into two 4" lengths. Place it on each drumstick near the bottom then take a heat gun to shrink it onto each stick. You can also buy drumstick grips inexpensively by using hockey grip tape from your local sporting goods store.

Another solution is to wrap rubber bands around the bottom of your sticks. Keep experimenting with different amounts of bands until you get just the right feel.


This dude is AWESOME! Haven’t seen one of his vids in a minute. :metal::metal::metal::metal:


Nooooooooo. Blasphemy.

I only use Natural Promarks with no coating. I actually have good scrape stones that I use to chaff up the grips. No tape, no bands, no hot glue, old skool scrapes and grooves. :slight_smile:


Here’s OCD @Rocky02852 back when (waaaaaaay back), I’d go into my favorite drum store, and pick up a case. I would open the case, and roll EVERY single stick on the counter. Any that lobbed, were rejected. Then I’d go out to the parking lot, and scrape the hell out of the grips on the concrete parking stops before leaving.

Natural or death (or at least, coated sticks scraped down to natural grips).