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Duplicate recipes driving me insane :)


I agree with you. And for what it’s worth, I’m not trying to limit input with my suggestion above.
Only what’s public, in the hopes of cutting down on the repeats and renames that use the exact same ingredients, thereby allowing old and new users alike to get to things quicker.

The data from private recipes still get figured into the stats reflected by the site when you go to the individual flavor page.

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No worries. Just wanted to post an idea from the other side of the spectrum. For those who read this in the future. :speak_no_evil: I do agree and sometimes frowny faced when I see some of the “adapted” recipes.

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Does @daath have a list of his faves anywhere?? :stuck_out_tongue:



there. could always be a repeat icon , if its a repeat you click it and it goes back to person who submitted it and if they keep on posting recipe repeats they lose the ability to post anything

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I would really love to see a tried and tested list. although that being said you just have to follow your favourite mixers to receive an email when the publish a recipe. I have started a Facebook group for people to leave links to their favourite recipes but it hasn’t really taken of. A number of mixers from ELR have taken part in the interview post however and kindly given members their views on a number of topics including suggesting recipes.

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Sorry I know that doesn’t solve the duplicate scenario, which I myself am guilty of but am going to rectify by marking my adaptations unless they have significant changes as private. They will also be taking up resources on the database.



ive accidently tried to post the same post twice here in the forum and a message comes up saying " this post is to similar to my previous post " and it doesnt allow it so @daath is this a possibility to add in the recipes section ???

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Maybe adding a category for Finished or Finalized recipes in the public area would be easier. Or maybe Verified as an option when it reaches a certain number of 5 stars and reviews? I know how much a pita building a website is and trying to add in new features. Just thinking of some other sort method that might cut down on duplicate or poor quality mixes being top of a search list. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, what would you like added? :smiley: The “repeat” thingy above? I have something similar in mind!

At some point I will add a feature that prevents dupes to be shown if there already is a recipe with the exact same flavors and % - they’ll be private (or at least be marked as a duplicate of an older recipe - not exactly sure yet).



I have thought about this a bit and the only solution I see that I feel would actually be effective would be that adapted recipes can never be made public with only one exception and that being the original recipe creator having that ability. I know we all adapt our own recipes for ease of creating another. As far as others if they make changes to a recipe that they feel they would like to share then they would have to enter the recipe manually. I feel this would cut down on the make it public for grins crowd. I believe the people who love to share and have changed a recipe enough to want to post will do so even if manually. Hope so anyway. Perhaps @daath has something better in mind. Only he knows the lengths he’s willing to go should he choose to try to search out dups and the effect on the system…



i was just coming up with an idea to stop duplicate recipes , to be honest it doesnt bother me i rarely use it i follow those i copy lol and try to do my own but it seems some are bkthered by it

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Good thinking.

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Simply group them together… :wink:

The notes people leave on their recipes can be very valuable



Since @daath has closed the thread about removing duplicates (Project hide duplicate and single flavor recipes is done) I’ll just post it here. Some people really keep purposefully driving other people insane!

You can still make duplicate recipes by changing a flavor with a bad version of the original.

Original recipe:


Look at what he did with strawberry ripe… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Yeah that’s pretty annoying. And dropping the ‘by’ from the title. There will always be rats!!

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Once that improperly listed flavor is merged i assume it will become a duplicate mix tho



but if you are in the habit of watching for examples perhaps you could kindly provide informative links about proper syntax and duplicates in their comments.



It is there in the original one



Sorry my bad!



I’m not really in the habbit of it… was just looking for the original recipe I made to leave a rating/comment and then I stumbled on it.