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Duplicate recipes driving me insane :)


Would be awesome if there was a way to prevent the relentless copy/paste of recipes on the website
maybe stop people creating recipes if the name already exists? or if the recipe matches.

Tearing my hair out everytime I see a duplicate unicorn milk clone or the like

rant over :slight_smile:


Well I always know which one was kind of first by the number of ratings.


Could only allow recipes that have been manually entered by making ALL adaptations private but you can’t really stop duplicate names.

Is it possible to sort by pg vg, Nic strength etc?

Unfortunately the amount of ratings doesn’t always indicate a good recipe, a list should definitely be compiled of the tried and tested recipes


I suggested this once before and possibly it was implemented, don’t know but if recipes were automatically set to PRIVATE when a recipes is adapted from other recipes then at least a good portion of duplicates would be eliminated. There is nothing to stop people from making them public but you wouldn’t think people would have a reason to do so unless the recipe was changed and they wanted to share…


The adaptations are set to private automatically :wink:


I think some people are just morons :wink:
They just copy / paste a recipe from the site and then repost it as a brand new one… for what reason I have no idea


Are “recipe type” tags a thing?

Fruity, dessert, menthol etc


If that is the case then the only solution would be to not allow duplicate names or adaptions to never be allowed to be public. It may be possible to check if ingredients match but this kinda duplicate search might really slow down the system…


A good solution might be to make the user go through a 20 step process in order to make an adapted recipe public :slight_smile:


Honestly, I think that would make it worse. Unicorn milk is unicorn milk, you can just scroll past because you know it’s the same old same old. But if the name has to be different, people are just going to change the name and post it anyway, and then it’ll be even more annoying when you’re looking through because you’ll get all intrigued by the new name and click on it only to find… Freaking unicorn milk.

Not allowing exact ingredient matches to be posted publicly would be better (imo), but like @ringling said, it could slow down the system and that too would be annoying.


Recipe Tags are the way to go imo that would cut out a lot of the crap then you just filter those results to your required liking.


On a side note, Flavour Arrays! :confounded:


exact recipe match right ??? where all i ingrediesnt and percentages match ??? i guess ut used to bother me but not anymore bc im either in the forum or creating recipes and the only recipes i like to know about are people i follow which i need to add a couple more peeps , but i dont find myself searching for others recipes

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What’s that?


I definitely agree that there should be some kind of prerequisite to making a recipe public.

What that should be though…well, that’s the question.

Personally, I’d like to see the requirement of them having similar requirements as the forum.

  • Perhaps a certain number of forum posts (25?) before they can make a recipe public.
  • perhaps a minimum number of flavors to have first, so that weeds out folks that are just in their “experimenting to see if I like mixing stage” (discussion could be held in a private thread as to the number… ) I’m not saying there aren’t some great simple mixes contributed by newer mixers, only that the likelihood of that happening is far lower. And even still, chances are FAR higher that they’d still have that simple mix in their notes when it comes time to post it publicly!

Just tossing things out…

PS: LOVE the idea @Grubby had with tags though!


Hey Lars, that’s my flavour name array :wink:

TFA, FA, inawera and Capella :confounded: compiled by myself and added to my database :weary:

It ain’t no fun I can tell ya…

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Lol. I thought it was just a rant in really small font.


I posted the same thing fee months back
They should make it private which is the default setting who wants to see every adapted recipie a thousand times
Guess it makes it look better than the actual 100 original recipes on here to copy them 10,000 times lol

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I think it’s more important to control all the knives being in the pics…it’s traumatic to me.
As for the recipes…yes, there should be only ONE recipe per flavor on this little website, so as not to confuse people. If you wanted to duplicate recipes, it should only be posted somewhere like Facebook, where it’s already full of conservative idiots. There should never be a lot of recipes on this website, and there should be a button to select only the recipes that I like…


Hmmm. Let’s piss into the wind here.

Although, yeah it’s funny and a bit annoying to see 20 unicorn milk recipes all almost the same it’s the law of numbers. The more users input the more data you have. The more data you have the better chance you have to extrapolate an imperical result (tossing in math terms).

Basically said. Input from 3 users compared to 1000. With a 1000 user inputs I can use the law of average with the data and get a better result. Remove the outliers for a slightly better results.

I love lamp.