Duplicating recipes

Since my wife uses 0% and I 6%, I have to keep adapting recipes. But every time I do it, a new recipe is saved and now I get 2.
Can I just change a recipe without having another one created? I lose my already comments on my recipes. I did one 70/60, then 60/40, with and without nicotine, 10ml and then 30ml and got 8 different saved recipes and still have the original. I search the board and came up with nothing.
Again, I want to thank everyone for the help they have given me.


I think I solved my issue. I use “edit” instead of “adapt” and it seems to work.


I usually just mark in title what nic or pg/vg % is if it differs from the normal when i mix for others. As long as you are keeping duplicates private then it can be as redundant and cluttered as you want. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: