Durbanator's Review of the new Wotofo Elder dragon RDA

Firstly apologies for the lack of imagery…for some reason ELR no longer Likes my file types…

Sample sent for review direct from Wotofo

Mods used:

Dripping – Geekvape Aegis purchased from Heaven Gifts using Fused Clapton coil 0.3 Ohm 50watts bought from the legendary Hippo Coils on facebook. Great quality and price #Andy Wild

Squonk - Desire Design Cut squonk, purchased from EFUN.TOP using Fused Clapton coil 0.25 Ohm 65watts
Juice used
Honeycomb custard purchased from Chefsflavours….
This is a great twist to a luxurious thick custard and special mention needs to go to #Nick Evans who has been making waves with some really tip top creations. He is also happy to share recipes and offer advice to novice mixers. More people should follow his lead.

Wotofo ‘s newest RDA release is another youtuber design collaboration. This time with Japan’s Ryusei Sakaue. Rumor has it that he may be ‘Mike’s Vapes’ step surrogate half brother, and has a 50% genetic profile match to Suck my Mod. Ryusei apparently cries tears of VG, and bleeds PG…nothing gets on his wick more than a flavourless atty, hence this new creation.
In Japan they have named this tank ‘Ryujin’ which translates as ‘Drag On dog’, or if you have a decent Japanese translator app its actually ‘Dragon God’. Personally I am not a lover of the look of this RDA, but then again I rarely buy on looks. I would take a hit through Sloth’s nostrils if the flavour was on point. In this instance the flavour is superb, and I don’t have to smell Baby Ruths to Achieve it.

The look
In terms of looks, this little pagoda of an RDA is certainly not offensive, its just not ‘muscle car’ enough for me. The squat shape of it is important though. The coils are positioned close to the domed top cap, funnelling all that flavour to the drip tip. This is a 22 x 34.5mm tank, so close in size to the now antiquated ‘Serpent RDTA’…now this was a tank I think slipped under the radar of many reviewers. It was and still is the closest RDTA to any true RDA for flavour…a perfect stealth vape.

Aside from the topcap design, the big differentiator here is revolutionary Airflow. We have seen airflow designs improve weekly over the last year, but essentially air directed to straight to the coil combined with the shallow domed top cap maximises flavour. In the elder, you have 4 very well machined ‘shoots’ reminding me of waterslides, hitting the single coil from all directions.

The only pitfall I can mention with these new fangled airflow technologies, the whistle…. Now its not a negative for me, I don’t mind a bit of noise on the draw, but for some it is. I would sacrifice noise for flavour every time. That said, whilst I was running the elder through its paces, I suddenly noticed I was surrounded by a flock of sheep, a sheep dog but no shepherd in sight.

A major positive development on this RDA is the fact you can remove the air vents completely for cleaning. I popped them into my ultrasonic cleaner to get rid of any debris and residue. Many people may think this is overkill…what’s wrong with a toothbrush and a hot tap….but I tell you, if you invested $50 in ultrasonic vapemail, it makes you feel less guilty after each use. Also just to ringfence its presence in my house, I bought mine as a present for my wife to clean her Jewellery….’what jewellery she said’……I winked, I kissed…and walked out of the room quickly.

Build Deck
About as simple as they come…single coil, postless with 4 side mounted screws (proper screws that seem decent quality). I tried using flat staple wire and found no twisting of the legs which is always a pro, and a bug bear on some decks.

Overall thoughts
I like this RDA a lot. Its simple to build on, compact and is a real flavour monster. I tried using my own custom drip tips, but they just didn’t look great even with the 510 adaptor. I think it’s the pagoda style design that needs the ‘lip’ you find on the factory 810….a minor con, but some people are very picky about their tips.
In terms of squonking, it performed ok, but this is definitely a dripper. With juice fed on top of the coil you get turbocharged flavour. With the squonk set up, the cotton pulls juice from below and just didn’t give the same result.

Kit Includes
• Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA
• Coil trimming tool
• Extra drip tip
• 510 drip tip adaptor
• Tri Core Clapton coils – 0.17ohm
• 3mm agleted cotton
• Spare screws and O-rings
• User manual
Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA Specs
• Size: 22×34.5mm
• Detachable air inlets for easy cleaning
• Postless single coil build deck
• Focused airflow supply
• Deep juice well
• Squonk and gold plated 510 pins included
• Body material: stainless steel
• Insulator: German PEEK
• Adjustable airflow

Currently on pre-order, and should be shipped soon. Being marketed between $25-$35 RRP


I’ve tried different coil placements, less wick, more wick, all types of wire, temp control, adjustment in wattages, VG/PG ratios, single coil, dual coil, twisted coil, braided coil, fused claptons, claptons, alien claptons, less flavor, more flavor, heat steeping, cold and dark cabinet steeping, regulated, non-regulated, mechanical, parallel, series, paraseries, single battery, dual battery, triple battery, Lipo battery, mouth to lung, direct lung, restricted direct lung, but I have yet to take a hit through a sloth’s nostril.

But since you mentioned it, I want to try it.

Thanks for the review and making me LMMFAO.


Thanks for the review!:nose:


Great review @cloud98.


Thank You, cloud98, for an excellent review. And if I can add my two cents worth…I’ve had mine for 2 weeks now and it’s become my favorite rda of the moment, I find I keep reaching for it over my other attys. I’m even taking it to work with me lately, where normally I’d use a tank. Me, I like different and I instantly liked the looks of this one, and really glad I took the chance. With its reduced chamber, the airflow and the provided wotofo coil at the recommended height, I’m getting spectacular flavor…much more so than most of my other rdas. Really. So much so, that I ordered a 2nd one as a back up. This is a smaller atty, so would look a little dwarfed on a really big mod. Looking at it from the side, the two air holes remind me of eyes, and the swept back lines kind of like swooping eyebrows, it almost reminds me of a ninja in that way. So if the looks don’t bother you, this is one hell of a great flavor-banger.


I just recieved mine this week…I put in USC a bit to clean an coiled an wicked it…my asessment is like yours…it’s a flavor monster…I am a big fan of 22mm rda’s…the machine work on the dragon is very good…

Great review…was enjoyable to read an you covered it well…nice job…

Idid order another one from china this time since i have one now …i wanted a blue on for the Luna squonker an place i ordered from in USA was sold out…the blue is sexy

again great review …hope to see more…



I have that problem sometimes and when I do I just take a screenshot.
Great review btw :+1:


Thanks cosmic for taking the time to reply! I put a massive coil in today to try it out…won’t be doing that again. I created a spot welder


Thanks Alan really appreciate your comments


Hadn’t thought of that! Thanks for the tip Josephine


Cheers session drummer…feedback means a lot


Cheers Tinman I spent ages photoshopping sloths nostrils and attaching drip tips to him for the upload to fail!


My pleasure stankhammer. Thanks for reading


lmao, I’m into flavor, but I think I’d run screaming from said sloth with hand dandy pre installed nostril tip.

Thanks so much for the great review! I’m thinking I will grab this for my bro. He’s really into Jiu Jitsu, and the little squat ninja with eyebrows on his mod will crack him right up. Plus all the weirdo parameters he likes for his vape seem like they’ll work with this lil guy. Though personally, I think the thing is more Pugsley’s drag queen with false lashes look.


A fine review, thanks for your time!


Thanks for taking the time to read it


He won’t be disappointed it’s s little workhorse


What jewelry? :rofl: Hey I know you reviewed this a long time ago but with everything that’s been going down I just got mine up and running. Thanks for your angle on it’s dripping vs squonking performance. I hadn’t heard mention of that. I found this to be a nice smooth vape, whistle free! Maybe you have a burr on your airhole :rofl:

I decided to use N80 rectangle wire (1mm x 0.3mm), 0.36 ohms


I forget the jewelry reference as it was a long time ago. Interestingly since then I have put this RDA on hold. Have been using geekvape recurve and also profile 1.5. I am gonna get this back out of the cupboard and try it again


Good review but I respectfully disagree and think it’s a fine squonk RDA. I get the same turbo charged flavor either way. The juice can almost submerge my coil without it leaking.

I got my first Elder Dragon almost a year ago. It’s been my favorite ever since. Nothing I’ve tried has matched the flavor I get with my Elder Dragons. I think theyre just phenomenal for the way I like to vape.

I ended up getting 3 more since my first one. I’ll probably end up getting even more of them but I like trying new things too. The Tauren Solo is in my second place slot for favorite flavor rda.