Durian flavour

just got this liquid and love it much more than expected.

does anybody know if there is any durian flavour I can buy?

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I think TPA has a Durian, and Hangsen. You could order directly from TPA. Not 100% if they have it, though - can’t check at the moment, sorry for that. :slight_smile:

The only place i could find anything was here - https://www.alibaba.com/durian-flavor-concentrate-suppliers.html :confused:

EDIT: For E-Liquid - https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Fruit-Essence-Flavor-Durian-Flavor-for_60483104949.html

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thanks, found that one too, contacted them already, they cornformed, that it is PG based, has no sugars or oil in it and that it´s ok for making e-juice and they offered me a free sample of 100 mg but with 30$ shipping costs for express mail by a “forwarder”. I told them, that I don´t need express, that regular mail is fine with me, but they said it´s the only way, cause it´s a fluid. then I asked about the price and shipping costs for 10 kg, the price is 16$/kg and the shipping costs for 10 kg are about 150 $. not sure what to do now, no way I´ll ever vape 100 ml of this probably very concentrated stuff, but 30 $ for 100 ml flavour is not really bad or hurting much, it´s just a bit repelling to hear about such shipping fees, they make not really much sense to me, why would anybody send cheap cooking ingredients only by express for fees, that double the costs of it?

I dont think its worth it for that money, your better off contacting a flavor company like TPA or CAP and see if they can help.

I’d love to try that durian flavor…I’ll go halves on it, if’n ya wanna…

I´m in germany…

well…that complicates things…

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Cheap and Shipping ok


Does it taste like Durian or smell like Durian? Because that can either be really good, or really bad…


I didnt even know what Durian was…now that I’ve seen it…hell I still dont know :rofl: Looks like it would be hard to get in to!

Smells like durian didn’t vape it yet
You like it or can’t stand the smell
Some people will throw up just on the smell
Here in thailand it’s everywhere now in season, expensive for a fruit

Durian has a creamy milky taste (tasted it in Indonesia) and imho this will make a interesting liquid…