DX Flavoring, What up with it?

Hello to everyone,

I’ve noticed tons of DX flavors on Wizard Labs site lately. Seems like they add a couple a week.

My question is, has any one started using DX flavoring in mixes and not noticed a big difference in the quality of the flavor?

By trying to help improve the safety of my vaping experience I’ve purchased many DX flavors and used them, but haven’t been tickled pink with the ending flavor of some of my favorite recipes. Also DX seems to mute other flavors.
Just wondering if I’m the only one having issues? If your not please help with suggestions.

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I haven’t been happy with the change in flavor I got when I switched to the DX version of anything yet. I thought it would be great to vape healthier. Now I’m back to what I had before was still 95% safer than smoking and it’s all really about harm reduction anyways. Give me the better flavors and I’ll take the little extra risk.


You are not the only one. I did straight up comparisons of Cap Vanilla Custard V1 and V2, and they are pretty much completely different flavors. I don’t think I have any others where I have both the V2/DX version and the original, and there are some diketone reformulations that don’t completely suck, but it probably helps that I’m not overly familiar with the original version!

Bottom line, diketones taste different than diketone substitutions. That’s just how it is.


I have to agree with everyone on the DX version , I have yet to find any that is as good much less better.
I think TPA DX version of Sweet Cream and Bavarian Cream are the best out of the bunch that I have tried.Still I much prefer to use the non DX versions.


I also tried the DX thing for a while… yeah… meh. Nothing going on there for my happiness.


I like my diketones.


So cool, it’s not my “IHC”, my wife calls it. (I hate change). I agree with the DX sweet cream but The rest have been disappointing. Probably keep on investing in small samples of each new DX they come up with, but not going to substitute unless equal or better tasting flavor.

Thanks for your response and if anyone figures out a better system or way to use them please let us know.

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Agreed…diketones FTW. :wink: …not happy with the DX concentrates made with butric acid. :scream:


A couple of the brands that seem to be doing OK with diketone-free formulations are Flavour Art and Real Flavors if you are concerned about those chemicals.

I’ve got some RF Vanilla Custard steeping, and based on the reviews I’m pretty excited to try it!


Luckily I have only 1 DX flavor and 1 Cap v2. They both sucked and I never bought anymore. At the time I bought mine I had no clue they were Diketone free. I was trying these because I thought they were an improvement over their current flavor.

Don’t forget about MF Organic Extracts.


I am not having good luck with the caramel
The original tpa caramel switched to dx and was awful in caramel
10% caramel original tpq
5 % caramel candy
Week steep used to be good
Substituted dx for original for safety also
I wish was same
Homes Bavarian cream isn’t same story

Or as I like to call it…puketric acid.


But isnt that just Reduced Flashpoint, less alcohol?

Real Flavors has changed my thinking about diketone-free flavors and in a very good way.I am vaping Sugar Cookie that was mixed 10 hours ago and it is delicious! I even broke away from my normal 70/30 mix and went straight VG.

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My real flavors are on the way

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RF (in that case) was referring to the brand Real Flavors.

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Checked FW and RF, read some reviews pulled the trigger and gonna give it one more shot.

… and a little sugar.

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when i started diy i was buying all dx or v2 products just bc i wanted to be free of all chemicals , that was my thinking , shortly after doing more research i changed to the original versions . And yes there is a big difference in taste since switching the taste is unbelievable , now i mix my v2 or dx flavors with thw orignals 75 percent original 25 percent dx or v2 just so i didnt waste money they are all almost used up thank god