E-cigarette maker Juul targeted teens with false claims of safety, lawsuit says


Just wanted to say, I thought this was sweet justice, especially when a teenager and his family try to sue a company and use the technicality of “well, I couldn’t control myself because of your advertising”

I think this is absolutely hilarious that this family tried to go after Juul, and in return, they are turning the tables. I hope this sets a precedent because the family is trying to take advantage of the situation and don’t want to point the finger at their kid.

Is this true?
“Juul currently controls 68 percent of the electronic cigarette market in the United States”

I wanna say this isn’t accurate but…is Juul that big nowadays? I use my box mod and RDTA so Juul is kinda foreign to me.


I believe that is accurate, at least in terms of US sales. I’m sure it doesn’t take Chinese imports into account or it would trend downward. But I’ve read something like that before when it was still in the 50% range, and I was equally surprised. But it does explain why they are such a large target for litigation and regulation attempts.


I have never tried JUUL, but I know I would not like it or any other pod, don’t think they would ever take the place of what we vape RTA’S RDA’S, the flavor, the control we have to choose what we vape and mods we use. I think JUUL has just ruined the vape community along with kiddie labels, but if it won’t them, it would be just somebody else. the political media FDA hypocrites with there bogus research and test has to be debunked. JMO

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Kiddie labels ?

wonder if the fda would like my adult labels


Look legit to me , is that the black market edition. do need some tits and ass, you might be able to sell more, that always gets my attention, or your favorite porn star names, !!!

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