E-Cigarettes Could Be the New Nicotine Patch

The sad part about this is that many people have already quit smoking with established devices and submitted their stories to the FDA. Why aren’t they listening? Well, I think some of us have thoughts on that one. I have mine, what do you think?


The FDA is no longer an establishment to protect the public from harm. It has become a arm of political party in charge at time of appointment. Money is the total determination of what they approve.


If you actually look at what’s happening in the states the first states to attempt flavour bans or vaping altogether have received the most MSA money from Tobacco companies… It’s not rocket science.


My thoughts exactly. This tidbit set my hair on fire:

“But prescriptions will only go ahead if an e-cigarette product designed for smoking cessation proves to be commercially viable to manufacture and sell, which has yet to happen.”

Grrr, what the hell do they think we’ve been doing all this time? For me that translates to: We, not the people (who developed vaping products all on their own), must be the ones to design and license vaping products so WE can profit from them.

Don’t mind me, I think I needed a little rant today. I figured the majority of you would already know how this goes down but for the sake of newbs who weren’t there in the beginning, I thought it would be good to shed light on the discrepancy.

I call it creative property theft. But what’s new about that? They’ve been stealing from us for generations.


Well I kinda figure out that’s what’s happening, it makes you really wonder if there’s people that really do operate above the governments of each company or if Tobacco is calling the shots… 3 nations I’ve been watching have been doing different things, but it only seems to benefit those higher up, taking way from small businesses… Take a look at America, the put into place the PMTAs where the FDA would make millions of dollars for the companies that could afford to submit documents to get a chance to operate after their cut off date… They denied pretty much all of them, but the tobacco companies where that would be pocket change… Seems interesting don’t it? Better yet, the FDA, after all this PMTA nonsense, turns around and say, “Well, golly gee, I guess vaping isn’t all that bad… The people that passed the PMTAs can operate… oh and no flavours” So either way tobacco is going to get their money… Canada is going the, “We’ll stop them so they can’t even afford to make their own liquids w/nicotine via nicotine cap, admit for years that vaping was a safer alternative and the cherry on top is we’ll openly admit that people are going to go back to smoking because of our policies”

Seems like posturing, flexing, showing that we, the government are in charge and we’re just figuring out how to change laws and policies to better suit our mission and in the end, your money is ours

Let’s not forget about other goings on in the world, Fauci is caught doing some nasty shit and lying underoath… People are denying the efficacy of the vaccines and the person treated like a saint is turning out to be a fraud and most likely the reason for this whole thing… Mirriam-Webster. Change the definition of Vaccine and Gain of Function, quick quick.



I haven’t been keeping up with Fauci lately. Is he being questioned abroad, as well? I know about the Paul interrogation.

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Well, I can’t remember what it was, but something similar to #fuckfauci was the number 1 thing trending on twitter for awhile, so if you pay attention, that twitter stuff is pretty powerful as it’s small and easily digestible so anything from politics, to vaping advocacy it seems to be the spot to go to, not a fan of it myself since they seemed to get rid of #toplesstuesdays


The #tittytuesday thing was great if you lived in a small city, sometimes you’d see women from your area posting topless photos and you’d see them at the grocery store or something and then I’d get the chance to fulfill my weird obsession with making attractive women uncomfortable by staring at them and saying, “I’ve been watching you…” as I scan them up and down with a smile and then say, “NICE” and depending on the store they either run away or get security.


Oh, you are wicked, Joel :smiling_imp:!

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On the surface, it’s great. As you begin to merge how government likes to be the ultimate control, one has to wonder what devices will be approved. We all know that vaping is a very personal experience. We’ve had many failures and successes but we’ve always had the option to choose what works best for us as individual vapers. If governments start dictating what “works”…well, I’d rather they just let the market open back up without restrictions and bans. Just let us continue to do our thing, because we know what’s best for us. I haven’t heard many stories about being worse off by vaping vs traditional tobacco smoking.
A’course we all know that’s not gonna happen.


I’m sure they’ll base it on what they know: Juul, Vuse and other pod type devices.