E Juice Jar (12 mg) turned pink

I have about 5 batches of 12 mg Juice made, its been a few months and some have turned to a pink color. Is this natural or is it a sign of the juice reacting poorly or going bad?

Which flavours did you use?

One that turned the most pink was originally a very light color juice (at 0 mg)
I used flavor west captain crunch, milk, and apple jacks

If your juice or nicotine turned bad you would get a pretty horrible tasting juice. If the taste is all right it is just a natural part of the steeping process. Juices do tend to change colour with steeping.

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Do you have a picture we can see?

Same flavor in 3 bottles (0 mg, 3 mg, and 12 mg)

Well from those pics it looks ok…

Did you taste?

Going to guess that the 0MG is the clear jar, 3MG is the middle color and 12MG is the darkest jar? Looks normal to me. I’m just getting started and have not mixed different batches yet but I’ve had higher nic levels of the same (store bought) juice look darker. Several times I’ve had 0MG and 6MG of the same juice and 6 is always darker.

I usually do not vape anyhitng above 3mg, so the 12 is a different taste. But I don’t think it went bad. I just was not expecting the color to be so much different from 0 to 3 to 12. Why does it turn Pink?

Looks normal to me, eh?

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Would you say it’s more of a yellow <> brown? If so that is normal.

Id say its more pink than yellow or brown

Looks like normal nicotine oxidation to me[quote=“bradleyb5155, post:9, topic:67183”]
I usually do not vape anyhitng above 3mg

the higher the nic level the more noticeable the oxidation is.

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The first two bottles are 5 and 10 days into the steeping process, the second set are 12 and about 19 or 20 the tank has some of the 20 day juice in it. Most of my juices end up a very nice dark amber color if left long enough, and even the ones that I mix 240 ml at a time don’t last long enough to get all the way to that color. As a rule of thumb fruit juicey ones need at least a week, ones with booze flavors in them need 10 to 14 days and juices with any sort of cream, custard, or bakery types need 14 to 21 days to really acquire their full flavor and glory. Your juices look very similar in color, I guess I’m color blind they don’t look pink to me just a tiny bit off color which could in fact be impurity in the glass that is making them look that way.

good input!

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