E Juice tasting

Im trying out the method of getting flavour ratios as shown on the vape crisis vids by mixing water with concentrates but if Im honest im really no wiser than guessing.
All im getting during the tasting is a watery chemical taste . tried this with Capellas Juicy Peach, Key Lime and Sweet Strawberry.
After watching that guy on his video he seemed to be getting somewhere so i was assuming Id get flavours that id recognise. Sadly this isnt happening :confounded:

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You talking about the 2ml of water and a few drops of flavoring “wine tasting” method?

Yes thats the one

I’ve done this method on a few of the “natural” flavor vendors with some success at getting a hold on the possible percentage needed in the mix. You can really tell when a vendor slaps he artificial molecules in the flavor, 'cause wow!..that flavoring tastes like crap! These are the ones which need 4 weeks to steep! That is the only conclusion I have come to when it comes to the heavy artificial flavored flavorings.

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IMHO hands on experience works best. Most people who blend juice have tried tasting a drop of ejuice on their finger to get a idea how good the juice really tastes. We quickly learn that this method actually is not the best of tests because a drop tasted on the tongue is much much stronger in taste than the flavor you will get when vaping the ejuice to test. It is actually not a true taste using a drop on the tongue. Being this is true, how can drops of flavoring in a glass of water be any more effective. Again a ineffective test of flavor since you are not actually vaping the juice. Far too often tasting with the tongue will lead one to believe your flavor is strong enough but in actuality it can be weak and flavorless when vaped…

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Ok Fellas. Thanks for the replies

So really Im none the wiser and despite what one poster says I do have to guess the ratios etc until i get it right?

Technically, yes, BUT, as you become familiar with your flavors and get experience using them it becomes quite easy. Truthfully you can look at how others blend with a flavor, ratios, etc, but guess what, you may not like it as strong as they do, or as weak. Again the familiar statement “Taste is subjective”. Hands on experience will allow you to tailor your blends to please you. That is what is important, to please you…


I think “Taste is subjective” should be the DIY motto. LoL. That being said, you can use the average and median percents on ELR to get a good idea where to start. As for the water swishing thing, that never worked for me. Capella’s site suggests using cool whip to test their flavors and that seems like it’d work pretty well, but I haven’t tried it yet.

What I decided to start doing is every time I mix up a juice I mix up some single flavor 3ml bottles at 5% flavor. I’ve put off doing this for so long because mixing in 3mls is a pain in the butt, BUT it has seemed to help me get an idea of the flavors and their strengths. I may up it to 7% for the weaker ones like FW, Cap, and TPA since I’ve not been getting much at 5%. I usually test them immediately to get an idea of SnV flavor, then again at 1 week, 3 weeks, and a month (if I remember). Unfortunately, I only have 5 3ml bottles so it will take me awhile to get through all of my flavors, but that’s cool. I started with the ones that were new and I’ll eventually work my way through all of them.


You say Capella and TPA are weak ?
That is what I am using

In relation to FA and Inawera, yeah. Only in general though. Some of FW or TPA (and maybe Cap) flavors are just as strong and have to be used as sparingly as FA or Inawera. But, for the most part, the percentages for FW, TPA, and Cap tend to be around the 5-10% range where the FA and Inawera are in the 1-3% range. As always, YMMV.


i grab a couple shot glasses and make 2ml batches of single flavors in each. 5% flavor typically, as recommended above. 30pg 70vg cuz thats where i like it.

mix up the pg vg and flavor at 5% (or 1% for FlavourArt or Inawera) and drip directly on my RDA. The flavors that are weak, knock em up a few %'s. The flavors that are strong, cut em down on percentage. If its perfect at 5% then I roll with it and after all the individual tests i begin to mix my formula for the initial test. and tweak from there.

alas, the total flavor % of my final mix can range from 6% to 15% depending on flavor strengths i evaluate using this method.