E-Liquid Colors

Hi I make my own e-liquids with various results, and also buy quite a lot, I was wondering how some liquids are not their natural color so I have Blue liquids and red liquids how are these coloured, are they using food colouring in them…? and is that dangerous…?


Yep, that would be food coloring. Sometimes a well steeped juice, especially one with high nicotine will turn red, but it’s more of an orange/brown red, not like cherry kool-aid. It’s pretty much the general consensus here that it’s best to avoid food coloring in e liquid. I would think that food coloring could give juice an off taste since some can be bitter. Not sure of the specific dangers, but it’s something that is completely unnecessary, so why add it?


Thanks for the info

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I agree wholeheartedly!


I couldn’t have said it better!!!


There are a few that may give a specific color after a steep. One that I haven’t used is from FA…it’s like the Jamaican one or one of their weird ones…I don’t have it. Ecx and bcf sells it.

Some of my orange vapes do get a nice tone of orange. Blueberry with orange FA turns a deeper orange after 1.5months of steeping.

My strawberry custard today, properly steeped is like yellow with a few drops of red…to explain the color…not that I added coloring.

Some of my melon, raspberry, watermelon get a slight pink tone…but not really.

Like said earlier…many of us dont add the food coloring. Some shops have but many are moving away from it due to the FDA regulations and the questions about vaping food coloring.

I always like to say we deal in colors/lack there of in Hughes of clear, yellow, orange, brown, and shades thereof.

LA Banana Cream is bright yellow!

I have not seen anyone testing food colourants for there toxicity when inhaled as an aerosol, so it is best to avoid adding them to your liquids, for now at least.

Yeh t5hanks for all the replies I think I will not colour mine then, So does anyone here then vape ones pre bought that are coloured…? I notice that a lot of the strawberry flavours are red when bought and some of the bubblegum ones are Blue.

In addition to what was already said, some flavourings do impart unexpected visuals. For example, TPA Grape Candy gives a purple iridescence on the surface under sunlight. A chunky dose of TPA Cinnamon Red Hot can give a sparkly appearance under sunlight as well.

I don’t vape store bought juice anymore, but when I did I only bought uncolored stuff. When I first started doing diy juice I bought a flavor with coloring added, now I just use that in my cocktails. :wink: :cocktail: