E-Liquid sugar content

An important concern has just occurred to me. I am borderline diabetic (I control it through diet and excercise) and I am thinking about how much REFINED sugar there is in these flavors. All I see on some bottles is that they are in PG. How much sugar is in PG or VG for that matter? VG is so sweet…

Wish you ever could take back a thought? Now I have to research all this…not sure vaping refined sugar will be a good idea for people with diabetes. Or I just may need to find a way that’s a little more picky on ingredients…

Anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it. I do know this much: Since vaping my A1C levels have only gone down…was just tested a week ago…so…if there is sugar in there, it isn’t bothering my over all blood sugar.

Okay I know my mom is a borderline diabetic as well and she takes pills but it hasn’t seemed to mess with her blood sugar. I believe and please research it before taking my word that most FA flavors are free of sugars? Someone else please chime in if I’m wrong.

thanks for the input. As I said, I monitor my sugars daily and also see a doctor for my A1C test (gives a more accurate sugar level over a long period of time…averages over a month) and my sugars have consistently gone down for the past 6 months or so. So…they can’t be all THAT bad if bad at all. I plan on researching this diligently, though, and in a few days I shall respond back to this post and make what information I can find available, undigested for everyone to read if they are concerned. I am guessing they are using some kind of natural extractas of the fruit or whatever to sweeten them in that flavor. I hope so anyway.

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There shouldn’t be any ‘real’ sugar in flavors. That’s why the latest hullaballoo with FW is happening. They’ve been using sugar (or variants of) in some of their flavors. Most flavors are sweetened with maltol or ethyl maltol. No idea what kind of effect that has on blood sugar. The ‘sweeteners’ that are most commonly used or sold are sucralose (splenda) and stevia.


that’s the forum thread that got me thinking. When I read that, immediately my mind went to diabetics and how terribly bad that would be for them to be, basically, free-basing sugar. I am going to go out on a limb and say that’s not a good idea for ANYONE, let alone diabetics.

Thanks so much for looking into this JoJo. As far as I can tell (and have been told in the past) splenda and stevia and thus maltol and ethyl are OK to consume…so this is all very good news. I have yet to fond anything on the other big guys (CAP, TFA, LA) referring to them using sugars. This does concern me, though, as far as companies that repackage juice from Capella etc. For instance, when I order from Wizards Lab they put everything in their own little bottles. Bulls you can pay a little extra and get sealed, original packaging.


Even if there were sugars making it into the vapor, it’d be a very tiny amount. I met a person at a vape meet who was never a smoker, but vaped 0mg to help with her sweet tooth, since she was diabetic. The research isn’t in yet but I’ve never heard of it being an issue for anyone. The nicotine is probably a bigger issue for type 2 diabetics tho. @amy2 might be able to weigh in as she’s an RN and I’m just some dude repeating what I’ve read online. :smile:


This is the clip from the Nicotine Rivers site FlavourArt section.

“FlavourArt flavorings do not contain sugars, proteins, genetically modified ingredients, animal products, preservatives, sweeteners, or colors. FlavourArt flavorings are gluten- and peanut-free, and they are great for diabetics, vegetarians, and vegans.”


AFAIK for the most part stevias and surculose are the main one ingredients being used to sweeten. Capella’s even advertises this so that Diabetics aren’t scared off to use it in their food. You are correct however if the flavorings did contain sugar it would be a nightmare for diabetic as well as the rest of us. I try to add minimal amounts of sweetener / additives for the obvious reasons " we don’t know yet. " because really all of this is still unknown.

From what I have read / understand vapor is metabolized via the liver that is of course after the fact that the by product of the vapor is inhale thru the lungs then it is sent into the blood system- lungs pump blood into the heart via the pulmonary veins ( what is left over after we’ve inhaled the vapor ) then sent into the systemic circulation ( blood system ).

Why we do not want added sugar in our vapor…it is sticky stickiness isn’t good in the blood system over time it builds up this creates a bigger problem…think Pulmonary embolism ( blood clot ) or a Thrombus which is a blood clot that isn’t mobile and is still attached to the wall of a vessel.

This is why we harp on ppl keeping their Diabetes in check over time the blood gets syrupy and sticky and it creates issues in the vasculature with circulation and ppl end up with ulcers in thier feet/ butt anywhere there is an obstruction of blood flow.

This is also true of cholesterol it has a waxy build up on the arteries leading to a heart attack. Anyhow this is hypothesizing but also all good reasons to avoid too much sugar in your daily life and also reasons we should be careful bout putting sugar in our e juice. Off the nurse soap box I promise.


no, by all means stay up on it. I am used to it, my brother is a doctor of emergency medicine out in Denver. I try and make sure to tell him he’s a dumbass at least once a week so as to keep his feet on the ground (j/k we’re best friends…well…mostly kidding) and not let his head swell anymore than it has :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the way everyone jumped on this topic. I got a good vibe from you guys (and ladies) when I first stumbled in here, and you are confirming my first impression. This is a very very cool place to vape-geek out with other like minded folks.

Now…while we are on the health topic…if Glycerol is the backbone of all Tri’s, would it be safe to say if you have high Triglycerides (which most diabetics do…type 2’s anyway…not sure about type 1’s) that Glycerol is going to give you issues by raising the Tri’s? Or do we circle back to the sound reasoning that these are very small amounts.

Bah…I am way out of my depth at this point.

I ask only out of curiosity really, not trying to stir the pot.

Thanks again for all the answers!! Well informed ones at that.


I wish I knew about the Tri’s myself, in glycerin but since we go to school long enough to focus other things and only a small portion of that is in chemistry I really don’t know. I sucked at chemistry anyhow.

Seems like it would come down to metabolism and what are bodies recognize it as once we’ve broken it down. Hey ask your brother perhaps he knows or in his spare time ( LOL no Dr. especially an ER one has that…) but maybe he could ask one of the pharmacist.

Anywho good food for thought I like questions that force me to use my brain :wink: welcome aboard good to have ya around!

Update: I found a thread over on ECF kinda talking about the triglycerides but it doesn’t seem to nail anything down for sure.

*** I concur with the Nurse in the thread…when you get your levels drawn it really is just a snap shot of what you’ve been metabolizing recently Except for A1C ( which it seems you’ve got a clear understanding on that test so I won’t go into it again I did somewhere else on the forum).

In the original post of that link his tri’s shot up after his last test and he states he only vaped and fasted but really if it were too high and a big difference since his last draw I would if I were in his case get a redraw just to double check and be clear. So verdict is still very much out on whether glycerin affects your Triglycerides…I’d say no but I am not a Dr. nor any of the above that would know. I see that test in my eyes as strictly diet influenced. I’ll do more research on the side and read more when I can. I am vegetarian and have super super low cholesterol as well as my lipid panel tests.


good info once again. Well…I am not a vegan or anything but I am down to mainly just fish and chicken a couple nights a week. No meat most nights. MAN does it feel better…

Also, they have let me stop taking my triglyceride meds so…the numbers are solid… So long as I can maintain my levels I am gtg. If things do start to go up I will alter my exercise and diet…not losing my cloud chasing.

I will ask my brother, the only problem will be he teases me about the vaporizers already so…I’m gonna take a ton of shit about it…lol…but it’s worth it. I’ll take one for the team.


Please do tell him it’s got to be better than the nasties ! One for the team !!!

I’m just another guy reading stuff on the internet, but it seems to me, one of the biggest things most ejuice peeps avoid like the plague is sugars, because mainly the carcinogens it would produce when vaped, along with gunking up and killing coils quickly… So I think for the most part (aside from the apparent FW thing) sugar in ejuice shouldn’t be much of a concern at all, really.

oh I will. And he is just busting my chops, being my big brother. I think deep down inside he is actually curious, but his wide won’t let him try them, so…

NEENER NEENER is all I have to say to that.


One thing obvious I noticed right away in the difference between a smoker and a vape person (from 2-3 years ago when I spent a lot of time in a vape lounge down the street) is the new people walking into the shop who still smoked had a blueish, pale look to their skin on their face.

The vape people working in the store had a pinkish look to the skin on their face. That tells me a vaper is getting more oxygen in their blood stream.

That shop was one of those mix to order type shops so the people in that vape shop were handling 18mg nicotine bottles all day long (and even told me they got shaky from the nicotine). A pink face usually means the blood pressure is a little elevated though too.

I think a vape person is a lot calmer than a smoker, the smokers seem agitated to me at times.

I went back and forth for a long time. All I know is I feel a lot better when I am vaping than smoking in general health terms and I do have issues with blood sugar. I know the analog cigs affected how my body was processing glucose in a very negative way, especially in the morning. Toward the end there the first one in the morning almost had me fainting.

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I’m a type 2 diabetic and haven’t noticed any changes in my sugar levels and A1C numbers but I have been vaping since before I was diagnosed. Keeping an eye on this thread because I have wondered the same thing too.


excellent :slight_smile: any new stuff I read I will post here so everyone can stay informed.

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My mom is a type 2 as well and she gets tested monthly by her physician and her levels haven’t went up so I’m guessing it doesn’t really affect blood sugar? That’s just a guess though.

One of the main reasons I started vaping was because of my pulmonary function test when I was diagnosed with COPD. I can tell you that I breathe so much better now. Back in the day I was also a singer… but for the last five years (prior to quitting) I couldn’t sing without hacking up a lung, that too has changed. Seven months and no pneumonia or bronchitis. Prior to vaping I was getting one or the other every three months.

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