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Easiest/most effective method to shake small e-liquid bottles?


I’ve used it for 70/30 vg/pg up to 120ml batches w/out issue. I’ve also used it in 5ml batches (ya know those little bottles), and the stick frother tip (which is the only tip I use with the gadget) fits in the bottle just fine. The only thing you have to realize is that you need to watch the amount of fluid in the bottle, if you fill it up too far, your not going to have much head space when you inset the probe (or in @Cutlass92 case… thin little stick).


What are you trying to say? You told me it wasn’t a big deal!


I have a disk sander with a velcro pad on it…i velcro the bottles to it an run for 5 minutes…like a mini paint shaker…works great and not induceing air into the mix…a homegizer is the best…but pricy as hell…only takes a minute at the most to mix good with one…


Jogging looks like an effective method to shaken em up also. :upside_down_face:


i use a strong magnetic to get my stir bars out , just slide the magnetic up you mixing container and the stir bar pops out lol


Nope, not gonna fall for just the tip trick again


But it’s so girthy!!!


I wish I could use this way. But I have Rubber Latex syringe extracting type plugs for all my bottles, and avoid at all costs getting any juice on the latex and having it blend back into my mixes. :frowning_face:


How do you keep the juice from touching the tops when you’re caring the bottles around? :thinking:


These are matching bottles for testing lots of different flavors or testing lots of different mixes or versions at one time. They stay put and in their own cases that close with a top for steeping. I only number them and keep track of whats, what on a spreadsheet, until I vape test them. That’s when I do most of my shaking. For final mixes or dispensing I use normal bottles. IMG_20181220_145936


That was just the tip…


That’s what HE said!


Have to see what kind of bottles hes talking about and using.

If his bottles are more like jugs and narrower at the tip, poping out might be hard to acheive, but if they are bigger jug types they should pop out ok.

maybe a pic would be good … lol


You can do it with boston rounds , but I dont use them anymore heres a big stir bar in a 50ml flask , get the idea hopefully…


Very nice nice setup @fidalgo_vapes

I can only imagine they might be talking about using recycled mini bar/air plane booze bottles.


Lmao it will work on those as well


I have never tried it but I think I may - i always wondered if this would work - empty bottle but you get the idea.


bar really aint doing anything, mixer just doing the centrifugal force to the liquid which thru so many previous debates/threads doesnt do much to actually mix


Ya most likely - plus it didn’t look like it would hold on very well.


My favourite is the sock and the dryer, winner, winner chicken dinner. :rofl: