Easiest way to make batches of flavorless juice?

What’s the easiest way to make batches of flavorless juice?

By flavorless, I mean no flavoring adding the the VG, PG, and nicotine. No banana, no caramel, no tobacco, nothing like that. I’ve been vaping for several years and for whatever reason, I like vaping flavorless the best.

I had been buying a gallon or two of Nicotine River’s 3 mg/ml nicotine 50/50 VG/PG juice. Then pouring it into a bunch of quart size bottles. And freezing the bottles. Then 1 quart bottle at a time, I’d empty it into a bunch of 60 ml and 120 ml bottles. Throw those smaller bottles back in the freezer. Then take them out one or two at a time for vaping.

However, now River Supply Co has discontinued there 3 mg/ml nicotine product.

Can someone point me to a really good guide on how to buy the VG, PG, and nicotine separate? Or is it easy enough to explain to me how to do it here?

I’m interested in the easiest method possible. Even if it costs some more. I’ve been spending less than $100/year doing it the way I describe above.

I’d probably like to keep buying from Nicotine River because I know I like the way their VG and nicotine tastes. I’ve tried other flavorless juices who’s VG was way too sweet. (Just the VG itself was sweet, no flavoring added.)


To know where you can buy it, probably the first thing to know is where are you from, a lot of people here can lead you in the right direction.
But doing it by yourself is easy, you just have to calculate the nicotine level and if the nic is in PG or VG, this because you’ll have to detract that amount from your 50/50 PG/VG base, e,g. if the nicotine is in PG you’ll have to pour 3ml of nic, 47ml of PG and 50ml of VG, mix them together, make sure they are well blended (VG is thicker, pour the PG and nic first) if using a scale remember that they have different specific weights, the calculator side can help you on that.
e-Liquid Calculator (e-liquid-recipes.com)

Create a recipe and just don’t add any flavours, it’s easy, it’ll also help you if you find different nic concentration levels, just define the nicotine strength, if it’s 100% PG or VG, the desired strength the amount to make and voila’, you’ve got both, weights and volume!


Well, I’m liooking at this a little now. And apparently the smallest quantity of nicotine Nicotine River sells is 1 gallon of 100 mg/ml nicotine. Since I only want to mix juice that has 3 mg/ml nicotine… That means the smallest quantity of nicotine I can buy from Nicotine River is enough to make 33 gallons of the juice I want to end up with.

Am I doing that math right?

If so, maybe I should find another vendor. :unamused:


You really should.

There’s several posts addressing the topic (post ban, and post loss/closure of several previously prominent sources, but if I were in need, I would go straight to Carolina Extracts (CXTC). While it’s pricy, it’s consistent, and absolute top quality.
Whatever you do, do not mention vaping (either on the phone, or in the ordering notes).

What I can help with is VG.
Best bet there IMO is still Amazon.

There’s a few independent sellers with good deals, but you can still find the Glycube deal on there pretty frequently.
Just saw it within the last 7 days for under $80, but those deals usually go fast.

Personally, the key to finding good VG, is to make sure that they list it as Palm, and then any additional labels (USP, etc) are helpful, but not required IMO. Typically, if it’s palm sourced, and the reviews line up, then it’s a pretty safe bet its good stuff.

The biggest problem lately (the last 6 mos. or more) has been pricing.
I’ve seen gallons anywhere from $23-$50 for singles.

The Glycube is a great deal, IF you can catch a sale on it.

PG should be able to be sourced easily.


Okay. Thanks guys. This is good advice so far.

I see someone selling “the Glycube deal” for $70 + $55 shipping = $125. It’s four gallons of palm sourced VG, which means it’s only about $31/gallon. But 4 gallons is a lot. I don’t know that I have space for that in my freezer! But is that the Glyvucbe deal you were talking about?

People have tried nicbase.com? Everything is pakacged up so it’s easier to mix. If I get a good rec from there, I think I’m going to buy a small bottle of the 3mg/ml to see what I think.

I assume I need some containers to mix this stuff in. Where do I get those?

I’ve read stuff about gloves, masks, aprons when handling 100 mg/ml nicotine, is that necessary?

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Last nic I got was from nicbase and it’s fantastic. Some others here also bought from there and I believe all have been quite pleased with it.


While not “necessary”, I personally think the thin blue latex gloves are a great thing.

For starters, even being as careful as possible, there’s going to be the invariable dribble down the side of the bottle at some point…
While 100mg/ml shouldn’t do any lasting harm, if you get it on your hands/skin, you WILL notice the effects after a bit of time.

Anything from slight body temp increase (I usually notice it in my head first, as my face tends to flush when I get it on my hand and it’s sat for 5-10m), to increased pulse (a definite consideration for anyone who’s already got to contend with blood pressure issues, etc), to the other usual Nic effects (think back to when you smoked too much, too fast, or too many while sitting, and then stood up, etc).

A box of latex gloves is cheap, and will last a long time (many mixing sessions).
PLUS, they’re also useful in other areas: cleaning the toilet, cleaning the deep fryer in the kitchen, etc.

Masks, not so much.

Aprons… Well, only you know how clumsy or accident prone you are. :wink: lol

I know one or two, who if they handled nicotine, should be wrapped from head to toe in a hefty bag, while in the shower, and with the curtain drawn. LMAO


Well, that gives you kind of a baseline idea of pricing anyways.

I’ve seen some on rare occasion that are shipped by Amazon, but those don’t last long, OR the price reflects the shipping the vendor had to spend to ship it to Amazon.

You don’t ever need to freeze plain VG.

Personally, I wouldn’t be concerned with freezing any Nic below roughly 25mg/ml*.

  • = this is a guesstimate. Also based on the assumption that it is going to be PG based Nic.

Any substantial quantity of Nic (in PG or not) that’s over 50mg should benefit from being stored in the freezer.

It all depends on what you want to do, and how you want to break things down.

PG and VG (as separate entities) are always fine to store at room temperature
(assuming most folks keep the house between 65-80°F).


Gloves 100%. YES!


Okay, thanks guys!

I’m ridiculously impressed with this board. Nothing but helpful answers.

I bought some premix 3mg/ml nicotine juice from NicBase, just to try it and to make sure I don’t run out (I just started on my last liter of Nicotine River Juice).

But I really need to get into this mixing my own. Especially now that I know you don’t have to freeze all the VG and PG juice I buy. There’s enough info in this thread that I feel good I can do it.

And yes, I will buy some latex gloves.

I think I need some kind of wide mouth container that has a good pouring spout on it though. That way I can set it on a scale add to the container easily in the wide mouth. And then pour it into one my my liter bottles with the pouring spout.

Thanks guys.


Any discount code available for NicBase?

In case I make a larger order later.

I saw there was a space to fill one in during the checkout process.

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