Easy RBA/RTA Upgrade

I’ve had an eye opening experience. My friend @Ken_O_Where swears by this wire… and now, so do I. Stainless Steel is an amazing flavor producing wire. To prove it to myself I took one of my most average flavor producing tanks… the Cthulhu. I mounted it with 316L SS wire and now it taste like a different tank. After my purchase of the Crown Subtank, I couldn’t believe how much more flavor it produced than all my other tanks… It’s the coils. I highly recommend this wire and the Titanium wire if you want to taste all the flavors in your DIY ejuice. I’m working with it in the IPV4 in Joule Mode. I’m not very experienced with this device yet, but it does seem to work with SS coils in Joule mode. It doesn’t work in temp mode with the Vapor Flask v2.

As a taste comparison I mounted my Billow V2 with Dual Ni200 Claptons. And as in all reviews the Billow V2 is ranked much higher than the Cthulhu. But with the SS Coils … The Cthulhu actually has a better flavor. Never before have a I seen a Clapton coil that didn’t out perform any standard wrapped coil. It has to be the wire.

Billow V2 with Dual Claptons at .05 ohms. The lowest possible ohms recommended by Pioneer4You.


Glad you like it! For me it is a toss up between the Titanium and 316L. Both are so clean, leaving no taste at all, the ramp up time on the 316 is very quick compared to Kanthal, takes a few more wraps but thats more surface area, more vapor and much more flavor! And i have to apologize to you again, i just got back from vacation and STILL havent sent out your stuff. I am ashamed to be me right now! Probably a good thing i didnt send it yet, while on vacation i brought some of my Blueberry Custard along as it was done curing, YUCK! i totally messed up the %'s. Im going to whip up some more and send it out, but you will have to let it cure awhile, about a month.

So sorry, ND. I feel like a real jackass right now!

EDIT: What gauge did you get? Looks like 24g?

I’m in no hurry… take your time… I have more than I can vape already.

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After seeing what you had to spend on sending out that package i feel pretty bad. Not to mention the kindness itself. I have enough awesome, krazy wire to last for ever. In fact all of my RDA’s, and the wifes are built with single coil claptons. I dont know how i ever vaped without them… Still love my 316L singles in my Subtanks Minis tho.

316L/317L is some pretty impressive wire for single coil build. Ive had a lot of people tell me i am crazy for comparing it to twisted 26g Kanthal builds without even trying 316L single strand single coils. I could love to try a clapton made with it but i only have 26/24/22g. Ill have to order some 32g if i can find it then have the wife check out your clapton tool thread see if she can build one.

My Clapton graveyard is feeling up fast. There may be another shipment in a couple weeks. This time there will be some Fused Claptons too.

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That would be fantastic, wish i had some better to send you than my crappy liquids. Ive got a Manhattan clone that i cant use, id be happy to send it as well. My carpal tunnel is bad enough that i cant push the firing button more than once or twice and there is a bit of side to side battery rattle, im a bit anal about these kinds of things. I still have the box and everything, i can drop it in some Coke and clean off the light patina from the few times ive used it. Otherwise it is just going to sit in the box and never get used again. Its got an extra copper firing pin too.

I feel bad for the poor thing, i know it had high hopes of being someones favorite mod.

I don’t want you to do that, but I appreciate the offer. I just like coil building even if I never use them. I’m glad someone is getting some use out of them.

Are you sure? It would be my pleasure to do so, i honestly cannot use it at all and my wife hates copper mods she says they make her hands stink and she is right of course. Getting old suX0rz! hehe

If u absolutely don’t need it… I’ll take it off your hands. Thanks Kustard Ken!

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Upgraded 4 tanks to super subtanks… .5 - .7 ohms. All with Tio2 and Ni200 wrapped claptons… All running in TC mode. This super sub ohm build has some amazing flavor and huge clouds.