Easy way to do spaced wire for staggered builds

@adary @eStorm thought you may be interested in this


The video title says “How to build perfectly spaced Staggered Fused Claptons w/ the Spacer V2”
I was waiting to see the actual build but you only did part of it. :confused:


It made the video like 15 min. and I only wanted to show off the Spacer. I’ll have to put that vid up. I didn’t think anybody would want to watch the whole build but that is a good idea to show how easy it is once the spaced wire is perfect.


I use a button to do it

Also, daedalus pro that I have has a built in tool for it (i prefer to do longer spaced wires with a plain ole drill and a button)


Thank you for the video, definitely appreciate it. After having tried so many things, why not one more right? Maybe that will do it.


Yeah the title was just a bit misleading, but the plastic thingy looks like too much trouble. Like @adary, I use the Daedalus Pro for spaced wraps. If you own one of those then it’s a cinch!


Do you live in the States? If so, send me DM me your address and I will send it on.

@TorturedZen I was trying to rank the vid for optimal views but I don’t want it to be click bait either so I will change it as soon as I can remember.

Ya, it only looks like to much trouble because it was a real pain in the arse working around the camera, maybe I will just take it down and figure out another way to show it off. It really is easier than the button.

@adary, I would love to see a video on how to do it on the Daedalus or however it is spelled. When I first started making my own fused Claptons I had a tool very much like the Daedalus and I can’t see how it would work. I can’t remember what it was called but I gave it to @wvsanta I wonder if he can chime in.


Daedalus was Icarus’ father. Charon is one of Pluto’s moons. So mythological, these names these manufactures use!

@Dan_the_Man I would like to see the completion video too if you do decide to make one. I have the Daedalus v1 but I doubt it can do what the Spacer does.


This guy uses the older daedalus, and he glued the paperclip or something to hold the spacing wire. Pro comes with two screws you can use to hook the spacing wire


I tried that too and it works fine with 24,26,28 ish but depending on the wrap it does get already tricky with the 28s. Do you get that button method to work with higher gauges?

Because that’s where my frustration kicks in lol.


sure. I tried up to 32 and had no issues


Speaking of daedalus. I had issues with the chuck on mine where it wouldn’t close completely and I found one very simple remedy - take it off and add a washer or two.

This was the maximum it would close:

Needless to say, it wouldn’t hold wire properly and it endlessly frustrated me.

With washers:

Those are now held in place with glue from a hot glue gun

Perfectly flush when closed


Here is the official Daedalus video by Avid Artisan, the manufacturer…
You’ll need V2/PRO of the Daedalus to do this.


@Dan_the_Man…Dan please don’t remove the vid on my account. I wasn’t criticizing it or trying to present like I was. My fault bro. :neutral_face:


Here’s a button method 32 over 26 staggered fused coil

Daedalus drill and swivel used to make it

Made this literally 5 minutes ago just to make sure i wasn’t talking bullshit when I said 32 is ok :slight_smile:


Charon is also the Demi God that takes Souls across the rivers styx. Ya, I think I will make a full video making a staggered fused Clapton.

@eStorm @adary; eStorm is right, the button trick won’t work with 36,38, or 40 gauge it will break every time or at least that is MY experience and no offense but I don’t build lower than 36 and even that is bigger than I want. I use 38 and 40 gauge to wrap with.

@TorturedZen I appreciate the feed back and I was thinking the same thing while I was making the vid. It did look like a pain in the ass and it was but I figured if everyone knew it was because of that darn camera in the way it wouldn’t matter. So really you were just confirming what I already was thinking.


Now I gotta try the 34 :slight_smile:


Here’s one I just did using 28g(x2) X36g wrap. Not as purty as @adary’s tho.


Clapton jig by vaped 3d. They now call the new version Clapton Jig Rig V2

First place with it in stock from a google search.



Thanks for the answer my man.

Do you still use that thing?