Ebay ditching PayPal? (again)

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Ebay created PayPal.

Ebay was estranged from PayPal.

Ebay seeks to spawn new offspring to replace the control missing in their lives.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say ebay needs family counseling. And perhaps a bit of shock therapy to boot. :laughing:

Seriously though… I’ll be very interested in learning more as things unfold (as a user of both). Sad that this is the place I have to hear about it (given neither of the two involved have sent any messages about it).

Thanks for the heads up.


Pretty sure ebay didn’t create PayPal but did purchase it from X.com which was one of Elon Musk’s companies.

This post reminds me it has been awhile since I have purchased anything from ebay.


i though musk started PP ?

ebay used to be the “go to”. now it is the “last resort”


I could be wrong evidently… lol

I haven’t googled or anything, but I thought ebay created PayPal to facilitate payments.
I know they owned them years ago…

At any rate, it’s been 20 years, so apologies if my memory is off.

My bottom line is “what’s the problem this time, and is the user experience going to be better or worse as a result?” (once this is said and done)


i searched, but didn’t read into it much. from what i gather, he didn’t start it, but acquired it and made it the juggernaut we know


I only remember because I had purchased something from one of those ebay stores that you bring stuff into and they sell it for you. The owner was a nice guy and he told be that he was pissed with eBay. He said that PayPal contacted him and everyone else who had an ebay store if they wanted to purchase stock in the company. He said he was going to do it but then got an email from ebay saying that they highly advised against buying any stock in PayPal. He passed on the PayPal stock then ebay bought them. He said he would have made a bunch of money if he had that PayPal stock. I was like cool, can I have my stuff? lol

Maybe PayPal is just losing too much ground to all these other payment options. I don’t know too many people that use it much anymore, I usually always hear, you take venmo? Maybe Musk needs to buy it back and add a ludicrous payment option?


Unfortunately, I didn’t include the link i sent to my friend discussing in more detail but I dug it up again if interested.



Yes, in 2002.


To be honest, I have never, literally never ever faced problems of compatibility between PayPal and eBay. I don’t really understand how you could have problems with it, because it’s almost impossible to see eBay without PayPal for me. The reason I have created a PayPal account was to buy from eBay. I know, there can occur problems, but if this happens the problem is definitely not those two. In order to be sure that you are not being hacked or stuff like that, I would recommend you to check this website https://covery.ai/products/ethoca-chargeback-prevention. It’s very useful and you will find a lot of good information there.


Well… I was reluctant to get a paypal account but gave in eventually because it makes payments online really easy.
I re-discovered ebay once I had a pp account and have been using it for a couple of years now. If I have to sign up to yet another payment system I rather check on ebay if the seller has his own shop and pay with paypal there.
At the end of the day I can search for a product on ebay or on google, there’s barely a difference apart from minor loss of convenience.

So go ahead, this kind of change always opens up new possibilites when you’re forced to search for alternatives. You might actually find them. I didn’t know because I was happily using ebay and didn’t have to look.