EBAY Removing Vaping Products

I am very much annoyed,

I had a Aspire Odyssey Mini kit (Gold Limited Edition) on eBay,
had 7 bids on it, it was at £41… Low and behold Ebay has removed it
because of the tobacco policy…and all the new rules… AAARRRGGGHHHH… but yet i still see others on there being sold, even now… i know some butt head reported it.cause i wouldn’t give it to them at a LOW cut price…

The Funds I got for this was going to fund the new MOD …
now i am going to have to find some other way of getting around this…

Anybody got any idea’s

I am Open to Trades LOL>.

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Here is a listing for one.

I’m not sure how you worded it, but in the listing and description, leave out any reference to vaping, e-cigarette, personal vaporizer, etc. Look at the listing for the link above and just copy that. Relist it. Then if they pull it again, ask why you’re being targeted when identical listings are allowed to remain.

Thanks for the advice mate, i have re done it… left out certain words.

nothing related to tobacco…etc… figures crossed it doesn’t get pulled off again.
I need to get this Odyssey mini kit sold to fund for a new MOD

I had a couple of things removed and when I queried them I was told this:

Thank you for contacting eBay.
My name is Vineet and I understand you feel
your ‘Aspire Cleito Sub Ohm Tank’ listings were unfairly removed from
I understand it can be of concern to have a listing removed from the
site. Please understand that ‘Aspire’ is the primary brand and producer
for e-cigarettes. They offer batters for e-cigarettes and not shisha
products. That is why we are not allowing any related items coming from
them or similar e-cigarettes brands (e.g. Aspire, E-Lites, EVOD, SMOK,
Kangertech etc.). Rest assured that the same rule will applies to other
sellers also, as we treat all our members equally on eBay. The
reason we don’t allow e-cigarettes (and its accessories) is after many
complaints from EU/UK health authorities such as FDA (Food and Drug
administration) regarding the safety and medicinal claims that were not
authorised. You may find more details on below link: http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/PublicHealthFocus/ucm252360.htm

SO it seems if you add any of those brands then sooner or later they will be removed.

I have seen a few people add this to the listing:
Note for eBay:
Item/product is an E-Shisha item and is NOT AN E-CIG
This set/product does not contain Nicotine Or Tobacco
This product is for recreational use only and NOT a smoking cessation product
This product is only for sale to over 18’s.

This product is for sale only in the United Kingdom (we will not sell this product to North America
product cannot therefore contravene any of the FDA’s regulations as the
FDA do not have jurisdiction or the ability to impose legislation in
the UK.

Therefore this product is allowed to be sold on the eBay

which seems to work


Very nice share @slurpy

English as a second language can be hilarious!

join some local facebook vaping groups. i’m a member of a couple, and all i see all day is people buying/selling/trading gear.

i traded my xcube for an rx200 through a group. just drove down the road about a mile and made the trade.

Thanks for that. I will add that into the description
and hope it doesnt get removed again …

I wil do a search on the forums. and see if i can get this traded for something i want…

I know this has all been said before but the government really needs to change the rulings to vaping being associated with tobacco products. FFS they aren’t!! It really is pretty dumb

If they do that, they can’t tax it. It’s not a public health thing, it’s about the money maaaaaaaaaan.(/hippy voice) . If it really was about health, tobacco itself would have been banned a long time ago.