ECC Expo 2016

So I spent abot 6 hours at ECC on Saturday. I tasted well over a hundred flavors from various juice companies and am feeling really good about my progression with DIY. I have never felt comfortable spending my hard earned money on expensive main stream juice and always bought discount juice from places like TMAXX, Adore Eliquids and Vista Vapors. There were very few juices at the show that blew me away. Here are a few that made an impression.

Liquid State - Apple Butter
I am totally in love with this flavor. It tastes just like the Apple Butter that my Grandmother used to make. I have made the DIYorDIE Apple Butta by Goldbones and it is good but it’s just not the same as Liquid State. His mix is a more tart apple while the LS is a sweeter smoother flavor. It’s almost like an apple pie filling without the crust.

Vapetasia - Killer Custard
This is the only main stream juice that I used to buy. It is so good. I have a clone that I make and it’s really good but still not a 1/1. Some day I will nail it.

Cloud 9 - E.V.I.L. Lemon Cream Cookie
This juice was fantastic. It was a Lemon Oreo cookie dead on. I was really impressed with the flavor and mouth feel. The lemon was very present but also subtle and sweet.

There were many other flavors that were good but not great. There were more bad than good though. So many overly sweet blends with a chemical aftertaste. I was very surprised by the list below.

Cutwood - Pretty much All of their flavors
They all tasted artificial to me. They were close their specified flavor profile but jwith a strange off taste to them.

Diner Lady - Rice Pudding and Lemon Tart
The Rice Pudding didnt tast anything like rice pudding to me. All I got from it was the rasberry. The Lemon Tart was good but after just a couple ml’s in my serpent mini I was already sick of the flavor. It is very strong.

One Hit Wonder - Pretty much All of their flavors
I felt the same about these as I did the Cutwood flavors just worse. They all had a bitterness to them that really didnt sit well with me. After leaving their booth I had to drink a beer to get the taste to go away. Maybe it is the nic that they use or the vg/pg. Thye all had the same weird taste to me.

All in all I had a great time. I met Wayne Walker at the EcigExpress booth. Had a great chat with him. He was very friendly and looked like he really enjoyed being there. I also met Daniel from DJLsb Vapes on Youtube. He is a great guy. Very humble and down to earth.

Sorry, I didnt mean for this post to go so long. Just started typing and it got away from me. Anyway, Thanks for reading.


how many times did wayne say FUCK lol

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I can’t take credit for it, I found it on le diy but it is spot on with a few weeks steeping. I’ve vaped the Liquid State Apple Butter and I’ve made and vaped this recipe and it is perfect.

EM .5%
Apple pie CAP 2%
Brown sugar extra TPA 1%
Cake batter CAP 2%
Caramel CAP 1%
Cinnamon danish swirl CAP 3%
Fuji apple FA 3%
Sour TPA 1%

Calls for a 15 day steep. I used a quick heat steep in some warm water and let sit in a dark cabinet for a week.


If you give it a shake and smell after a few days you will think it’s going to have that tart apple flavor. Give it a week or two and the apple tartness smooths on out.


I think I heard a few F-Bombs slip out but he was pretty well behaved.

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Thanks for the recipe, I will give it a try.

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Good to meet ya louie!

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Yes, It was nice talking with all of you at the booth. I saw from the DIYorDie video that Wayne took my advice and went by the Cloud 9 Vaporz booth (Apparently many others suggested it as well). I bought some of the Lemon Cream Cookie in hopes of cloning it. It’s so good.

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Everyone knows Cloud 9 from Cereal Killa :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the liquid state recipe Tin!
That sounds tasty as hell! Don’t have TFA sour though. How critical do you think that is? Is it in there just to keep it from being too sweet? Or is it a “make it pop” thing? Or…

To give credit to the author, there is a translate button at the bottom when you click on the link.

I’ve only made that recipe so I can’t really tell you about the sour. I wish I could help more but mixing really isn’t my forte. I have to follow other people’s recipes. I can try it without the sour and let you know if it makes a difference if you like.

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Nah! Don’t go to any trouble. I’ll find out over the long haul. Lol
Just didn’t know if you might be able to add something about the sour factor. Sooner or later, I’m sure I’ll end up with sour in the arsenal as well… :rolling_eyes: :laughing:


I really wish I could help. I have trouble picking out some notes of flavor in a mix. I normally get a flavor on the inhale and a flavor on the exhale but nothing in between. Either it’s a mind thing or I’m just not paying attention.

Louie’s description of the original is spot on. It taste like apple butter that your grandmother would make. The recipe I posted above and the OG Liquid State I can’t tell a difference between the two. When I opened both bottles they smell and vape the same. Maybe @Skullblade789 can chime in. He has the first batch I made up and the bottle of Liquid State. He may be able to pick out the notes better.


I am honestly having a hard time as well. I am probably going to after Christmas order a bottle and vape it and see if I can replicate myself.

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I haven’t tasted that, but I have a lemon cream cake recipe that might give you some starter ideas. It’s also a sweet, gentle lemon flavor profile, as opposed to a tart, in your face one: GoT: Sansa

I’ll check it out. Thanks

The last expo I had attended was a huge disappointment! The best part was receiving 12 free concentrates from the Capella’s booth. I was more excited to get home and make new creations than to continue tasting vendor liquids and tell every one of them how they could improve. However, it must be tough on the market and trying to gain mass appeal to specific flavors when everyone’s preference is slightly different. After DIYing for 2 years and going to that expo, nothing was nearly as intense of a flavor profile as even some of my garbage liquids. I ended up walking around and having vendors taste a shake n vape that I threw together hours before the expo. Several times I had a lower retail employee running around to get the owner to try my liquid. Mass appeal is a tough target to hit. My one great find though, was Third Eye Drip Tips. friction fit tips and they are sold on e-bay and another vendor or two, but they look amazing and have a great feel. No more chipping your teeth on an accidental quick pull. It is unfortunate, they have hundreds of tips but only advertise a couple at a time. They also had stated to me that they will replace any tip that breaks for whatever reason, as long as i pay shipping and handling!!


Yea that’s my only peeve with him, I can’t even watch a video of his unless I’m in my lab with the door closed. I have small kids that don’t need to hear the F-Bomb every other sentence. It just not very professional in a business sense and I like him, I just wish he’d save those F-Bombs for something besides his videos so I could watch them freely.


I am interested in doing our first booth ever at ECC but have heard a lot of mixed reviews. It is a lot of $$$ ha.