Ecig blows up on local vapor

Here in Atlanta, Georgia, I’ve noticed a lot of negative media about Vaping. This morning the hottest new story is about a guy burning his face while vaping. Please people be careful. I’m not ready to stop vaping and we all know the government is just itching to stop the new trend we enjoy. So know your hardware, change your
batteries when they start acting different and Vape safe, smart and don’t get hurt.


[quote=“Ggrhauling, post:1, topic:28161”]
the government is just itching to stop the new trend
[/quote] One guy burning his face huh, how about this;

1- Ladders and stools
Falling and tripping accidents cause injuries to an estimate of 227,769 people.

2- Clothing
Children get tangled and choked in their own cloths, which causes injuries to an estimate of 245,129 people.

3- Cans and other containers
Sharp cans and shattering containers accidents cause injuries to an estimate of 248,126 people.

4- Desks, cabinets, shelves and racks
Falling over, cabinets knocked over and racks dropping on people causes injuries to an estimate of 262,171 people.

5- Tables
Falling off of tables, tables breaking causes injuries to an estimate of 309,252 people.

6- Non-glass doors and panel accidents
Many accidentally slam doors on their own or other peoples hands and heads causing injuries to an estimate of 321,665 people.

7- Bathroom structures and fixtures
Slipping, falling and hitting our heads and back around in the bathroom is a very common home accident, causing injuries to an estimate of 330,102 people.

8- Chairs, sofas and sofa bed accidents
People routinely and repeatedly fall of their chairs and sofas, causing injuries to an estimate of 476,109 people.

9- Beds, Mattresses, Pillows
Falling off of beds and materials and pillow cause neck and back problems injuries to an estimate of 560,129 people.

10- Stairs, ramps, landings and floor accidents
Most common home accidents happened when walking up or down the stairs. Broken hands and legs are the usually resulting injuries to an estimate of 2,324,938 people.
This is every year! :grin: :imp:


I know what your saying here and agree.

When someone falls off a table that doesn’t cost my wallet more money. I actually don’t smoke because it’s sooooo expensive due to over taxation. If and when Vaping has a statistic of 300,000 people burned from ecig, our Vape adventure will soon end. At the very least the cost would eliminate most of us from the pleasure of vaping.
This post was only posted by me to bring awareness to a local story about a guy’s mechanical mod blowing up in his face while taking a break at work. Which he had done many time before with out incident. Could happen to any of us at anytime without warning.
Just don’t want to become a statistic.
Just want to be able to afford Vape gear and liquids.
And don’t want to spend the day debating a post about a unfortunate accident. Just a local story in the news that not helping our quest of never smoking another cig again.

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Is that an iJust2?

Or a mech mod?

Battery safety springs to mind when I see such things as this.



Is that one battery or two. Stacked batteries are a no no.


I don’t know. Just guessing.
Tank looks like Atlantis V2.
The more I look at this I wonder how it knocked his tooth out and burnt a hole in the roof of his mouth. But tank looks to have no damage.
I’m just glad my IPV4 has vent holes on the bottom of the box to vent any explosion away from my face.

I’m just trying to look it over and work it out.

If it’s a stackable tube mod with a premade coil tank then no wonder it blew up with 8.4v hitting a probable .5ohm coil.



There is a video, if you go to the link, then the top of the page.

I can see 1x18650 but the tube looks a lot bigger than a single battery mod.

Then there’s the question of original or knockoff.


I’m trying to ID these pieces?

  1. 18650 cell I think.

I don’t know why but it says a 1. I’ve typed N3.


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Number 1 looks hollow. Could this be the insulation of the core of the battery.

Is the item with the post or pin the positive side of battery?

I think N1 might actually be another 18650 cell too.

Just completely fried.


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What the hell is 2? It looks like it exploded.

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I really don’t know but with the little pin that looks to be there could it possibly be some circuitry?

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I’m going to see if I can find this guy. His name is James Loria. Living here in Cobb County.
After watching the video again. He’s says if he can keep this from happening to one other person he’d be happy. Sounds like he knew he was doing something wrong.


If the family has contacted a lawyer then he’s probably not telling the whole story. Even if they haven’t I think the chances he isn’t fully divulging what happened to be extremely likley. My guess is he knew something he did was the cause of this. Oh well, that’s only 2 incidents I know of…and I’m sure there are others. But the government stopping vaping? I don’t see that happening because they can’t regulate the necessary components we can easily obtain for very enjoyable vaping. The biggest loser would be vape shops.


It just didn’t blow for nothing. That mod got very hot before it vented and blew up. Any experienced vaper know, when you feel heat, stop what you’re doing.


I agree this is just either user error or an uneducated individual who unless was numb should have known to STOP…
my guess is uneducated and uninformed on what is common sense to most of us here.
I suppose it could also be just an accident which was posted above happens with way more objects that don’t make “breaking news” headlines

all is just my opinion

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