Ecig Study

I just thought I should share this short article that has been on the news here in Ireland and in the national papers. It seems that a lot of articles such as this get passed over by the media in most countries. The full report is also available.
I also recently took part in a survey on ‘ecigs’ for the Health Information and Quality Authority of Ireland, who advise the government and Minister for Health on legislation for health. I don’t think the were expecting me to keep them on the line for an hour, but that’s what they got. I do like to get my points across. Eight more emails were also sent off to various sitting ministers :smile:


“While the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes have not yet been established, data from Healthy Ireland reveals that 29% of smokers currently use e-cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking.”

That is a pretty high number all things considered. :punch:


Here’s another positive study result: E-cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco
There’s a lot of negative shit that gets attention, we need to draw attention to the positive as much as we can.


Yeah that one was reported here too. I agree with you about drawing attention to it, but we need to tell the people that can actually do something about it.

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