Ecigexpress: Complaints about the website and other bits

I lost 4 days of my life fighting this sorry excuse for a site. I was ordering a large amount of flavors, my usual ones and a lot of sample sizes I had never had before. I had my list spread across 4 sites and was attempting to arrange it in a way that gave me the best shipping. Naturally majority of my items were on the 2 sites I could get free shipping ecigexpress being one of them.

Now, the ONLY reason I was going to buy anything there was because of the flavourart they have on sale and I could work it out to get free shipping.

Majority of the prices are not better than the other places I was ordering from but, I wanted the flavourart deals they have right now. So, I have about 200 flavors divided up on 4 sites, constantly moving between the tabs so I can make sure I don’t spend more than I have to. This is an incredibly time consuming project because there is nothing express about their site. I wasted more time sitting and waiting for it to process every. single. function. I know it is not my Internet because I am using 3 other sites and they have no issues keeping up. I finally get to the point of finalizing all of my purchases. I move to the ecigexpress site and it has spontaneously dumped my cart. No notice, no warning, nothing. So I start over trying to remeber which ones I had in there. Many flavors were moved from cart to cart and I couldn’t remember what I decided to get at each site. And I get to wait again for this slow ass site to think about how to function. This happens 2 more times, the last time within a 5 minute time period of moving to a different window and back to ecigexpress, and each time they dumped my cart was always right before I was ready to finalize it.

The best part yet, as I was loading my cart AGAIN, I noticed one of the flavors had increased in price, in my cart, and absolutely no notice or warning. Even better, I send them a message to tell them I have fought for 4 days to place an order and their site is a pain in the ass. Their response was they know it’s an issue. Obviously they don’t care enough to fix it and have a functioning site.

I abandoned ecigexpress all together. Yesterday I tried to get on the site to see if the Flavourart are still on sale and my tablet wasn’t loading it. I tried later on my phone and it worked so I grabbed my tablet and it doesn’t work. Funny, the device I used to chat with them can’t get to ecigexpress, but everything else can. Coincidence? I doubt it. Seems their IT person can block my IP but cannot build a page that isn’t mind-numbing slow. I suffer through the site once more to grab the sale flavors. I doubt check several times that none of the prices or quantities are changing, select my shipping and push proceed to check out and the site tells me I have nothing in my cart. Wow.

It gets even better yet. I went to their Facebook after the cart dumped, while I was actually in the cart, to leave a review and they have that option blocked, surprising. While I was there I just happened to see they are advertising the flavor they changed the price of in my cart, and the post is only 8hrs old, meaning they dropped the price again after raising it in my cart, and in a matter of <24hrs. But looking at their website, the price is not as advertised.

I spent 4 days trying to give them my money with no success. This was my first time to try and order from them. When I chatted with them I was extremely irritated, but I assumed whoever I was chatting with had no fault in the issue so I had no reason to be disrespectful or ugly to them. Seems to me now that I was chatting with the IT person and he got butt hurt because I asked that IT be notified the page is slow and frustrating to navigate through. Why else would my tablet be the only devise not able to get on that page all of a sudden?

So, if you have time to waste, and you don’t mind if the company you are giving your hard earned money to doesn’t care about theor customers ecigexpress is definitely the place for you.


Note to self… don’t shop there lol Thanks for the heads up. Sorry you had a bad experience, hopefully you managed to get the flavors you wanted elsewhere.

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Sorry to hear it
Nicotine River
Gremlin DIY
My 2 favorites never a problem sometimes Bullcity Vapor
They are great also

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Yeah, the ecigexpress site is a joke, it really is. You can easily spend an hour on their site just placing a small basic order. It is UNBELIEVABLY slow.


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if you pm @ecigexpress with any problems , the person is awesome and will get any issues to the people that need to see it , any problem ive had has been dealt with fast and profesionally


Me too… Iv had good experience with them 3 orders in… I agree the site is slow but I have never had a cart dump issue… Sorry that happened @HaleyMaley


Hi @HaleyMaley and we apologize for the troubles you have experienced with the website.
I have taken your feedback to our webmaster in regards to loading times and cart items disappearing and they will be focusing on on this issue immediately.


We will be immediately investigating the mobile website based on this feedback. Thank you @core.


@ecigexpress I shopped your site three times in the past each time I notified the site of a cheaper price expecting to have my product price matched, nothing was ever done I contacted the site on the first two occasions on the third I just gave up and will not shop there. I’m not trying to bash or anything. I just thought maybe you needed to be aware of the issues going and not only the OP having them


NR has been my go to for ages, however I’m finding myself at the TPA site more and more due to the price differences.

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do they have a price match policy ???

Could be me for assuming since they have or had a an option to let them know if you find cheaper price.

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Hi @GPC2012 the price tag you see next to the products is not an actual price match:( it is so that we can periodically review and offer more competitive pricing.
We apologize for this confusion and will also consider changing our verbiage to reflect more details of the process.
We appreciate your feedback.


only asking bc i wasnt aware

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In the beginning I was an avid ECX patron. Then came BCV, then NR. Once trying the latter 2 vendors I just stopped shopping at ECX. As mentioned above the site is a bit difficult to navigate and it always costed more to shop there. IMO they need to evolve from there old ways and become more competitive with my current preferred vendors. Until then I’ll just stick with what works best and cost less for me.


That’s cool I was goin on an assumption anyway. Now I know.


You might want to consider giving the first person that reports the lower price that price and then adjusting the price somewhat.


I have ordered maybe 5-6 times. Only the last time I had the cart dump and then the payment screen screwed up. The previous online ordering experiance was slow but ok…I just open multiple tabs without issues.

Order fulfillment has been 98% accurate but 100% fixed quickly. The only thing that would have improved the customer experiance when a couple of my orders were processed incorrectly would have been tossing in a free sample concentrate…,heck even a personalized oopss sorry note.

I’ll still use ecx because when there is an issue with order fullfilment it’s fixed without too many questions.


I did once I finally gave up with them. Figured I would save someone else the headache. If I was able to complete my order the day I stasted, I would have gotten it already.