ecigExpress Independence Day Giveaway

For our Independence Day Giveaway, ecigExpress is asking members of the DIY community, “What makes a recipe an All-Day Vape (ADV)?”
In order to participate, simply write down what an all-day vape is to you and include one of your ADV recipes.

One lucky winner will receive a $50 credit on
Winners will be chosen at random and announced Tuesday July 5th! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, and hopefully, together, we can help our fellow mixers!


An ADV for me needs to be not too sweet, nice and crisp, and strong enough that my tongue still recognizes it at the end of the day. My absolute FAVORITE ADV for the past couple months isn’t my own recipe, but I have tweaked it just a tad. It’s @Shaner 's “Sparkling Apple Peach Wine” ( ) and I just upped the apple and peach by .5% each.
2.5% Fuji apple (FA)
2.5% white peach (FA)
2% wine champagne (FA)
.5% Vienna cream (FA)


Oh boy. Do we put it here on ELR. Or post to your site?

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Here in this thread:)

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I really like to switch around flavors I vape, coffee’s, apple pie, peach, banana creams, waffles and a whole lot more so a single ADV is everything…lol.

The one that I keep coming back to for sentimental reasons and for the fact that it is a clone of the flavor that really kicked off vaping for me is a real simple one. I really got addicted to Perfect Cloudz Whip it and spent the most time trying to recreate it. Turns out it was simple, here is the recipe below:

10% TFA Strawberry
10% TFA Whipped Cream

I went through all the strawberries out there, of course the regular TFA Strawberry was one of the last I tried but as soon as I smelled it I knew it was what they used. I actually make it with only 8% each sometimes for myself but if I make it for others I go 10% each and everyone really likes it, for those with a sweet tooth I will add some Stevia.

I have tried it with other strawberries and whipped creams and creams but my taste buds crave the OG recipe, guess it is the memory of it.

Going to try it again now that I have the new Jungle Flavors Sweet Strawberry, that one is tickling my taste buds.

Thank you for the great giveaway and good luck to all that enter!


I like vanilla things. I never get burnt out on a good vanilla so it’s perfect for an ADV. One of my all time favorites is @Blues Grants, Ulysses (USA) Custard.


Although taste is subjective, an ADV must have ‘enough’ to keep your attention, but not ‘too much’ to wear out your palate.
That can be as individual as we all are.
I believe one of the most critical values of an ADV is that it must be a ‘clean’ mix of ingredients, enough to flow well through your wick(s), but not loaded with ingredients to gunk up your coil(s).
An ADV means ‘all day’ …without worries, eh?

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My favorite adv has to be my go to all the time, I can Vape it any time of day, I love the taste, smell and start to panic when I’m running low on it lol. I get so many compliments on how nice it smells. It has to taste like one flavor on the inhale and a different flavor on the exhale. So my adv is Strawberry Fog which I luckily found on this site and modified a little bit.
Here it is:
Bavarian Cream tpa 3%
Cheesecake/graham crust tpa 5%
Strawberry Ripe tpa 8.5%
Strawberry Shisha Inawera 1.5%
Vanilla Custard v1 Cap 2%


An adv is something that is unique and different. Something that keeps me guessing. Gives me a different flavor at low vs high wattage.

I have lots of adv’s but have been adapted from other mixers. Here is something of my own that when I make it and steeped properly I really enjoy.

(Oh, I forgot to let @Amy2 I posted my recipie finally)



That sounds so good, Deanne!

I see that good looking recipe ! Nice job those are pretty complex flavors. I love most of those flavors…I don’t have black pepper. How does it behave in this mix? Is the black pepper forward or a back note ? Thanks


Black peper at the start is way up front. That’s why I recommend a longer steep. It settles down a bit after awhile. I tired adding jasmine to it, just it broke the balance of the flavors and nothing popes…just kinda went flat.

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Ok well I’d have to get the black pepper otherwise I could try it w/o it since I love all the other flavors and have not made anything with zen gardens in such a long time. It’s a good flavor but yes like ylang ylang does much better with a resting period.

To me an ADV is the total package it’s what we’re after each time we sit down to blend we look forward to creating that masterpiece that will be there through and through when we need our fix, when we’ve made so so juices we can rely on our ADVs for our back ups because they’re always good.

I have a lot of ADVs so I’ll post one that’s been with me for a while now.

Grey Days

Ingredient %
Biscuit (INAWERA) 1.5
DX Bavarian Cream (TPA) 1
Earl Grey Tea (TPA) 1.25
Egg Nog (CAP) 0.3
Green Orange (Hangsen) 0.4
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 1.25
Meringue (TPA) 0.5
Pear (FA) 0.75
Vanilla Cupcake v2 (CAP) 5

Flavor total: 11.95%

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Myself I have 2 ADV’s. I prefer a fruity semi sweet juice that just taste good. First one was adapted from ELR and second one was my concoction.

Bavarian Cream FW
New York cheese cake Cap
Strawberry shisha Inw
Sweet cream Cap
Sweet Strawberry Cap
Vanilla custard Cap

Cake batter Cap
Peach FW
Peach Juicy TPA
Vanilla cupcake FW


Something with lots of flavor but refreshing , it is hard for me to balance out the flavor needed without making it heavy and killing my tastes.
This has done it for the past two weeks but I always have another custard at the ready !

Kiss The Blarney Stone

Ingredient %
Creme de Menthe (Flavorah) 1.5
Shamrock Shake (Real Flavors) 6
Sugar Cookie (Real Flavors) 3
Vanilla Custard (Real Flavors) 3
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 1

Flavor total: 14.5%

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An all day vape for me needs to be smooth and complex. I like vapes that seem to have different flavors at different times depending on what you vape it in or maybe what you are drinking at the time. One of my all time favorites is
NR Base mix VG 78
TFA Coconut EX 1
CAP Coconut 1
CAP Banana 2
TFA Whipped Cream 1
CAP Sweet Cream 4
CAP Juicey Orange 2.5
TFA Peach 5.5
TFA Watermelon 4.5
TFA Sour .5
All numbers are percentages.

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What is an all day vape to me? How about I describe the feeling in my head - then give you the recipe… let’s see if we’re somewhere on the same page.

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine yourself sitting outside on the most beautiful day you can remember, need a picture? Here’s mine…

Imagine sitting on the wooden plank dock on a day in June, setting out twenty or so feet out from the banks of the lake. Imagine the sound of soft and small waves slapping up against the dock, almost rhythmically - hypnotically.

Now feel the warm sun just about sitting on the horizon, baking the world around you in a warm, comforting orange glow and a cool wind from the north flickering off the shore, carrying with it the smell of the wild strawberries in the bushes along the banks.

A deep inhale brings peace… almost serenity, as the humid and pungent lake water air fills your lungs while watching the geese and the ducks fly by searching for a good landing spot on the water. Exhaling softly through the nose relaxes almost instantly - and leaving you wanting another deep breath.

TFA Strawberry Ripe 4%
TFA Strawberry 4%
TFA Marshmallow .5%
CAP Sweet Mango .75%
TFA Apricot 3%
TFA Koolada (1 drop per 10ml)

Steep for a week… and breathe in your zen… works for me, you should try it - you’ll be glad you did.


Damn, you just gave me goosebumps! :slight_smile:


Simple and lightly flavored as to not cause vape tongue. Oh yeah, it must be a custard. I have a feeling that this one is going to change again but for quite a long time a simple vanilla custard has been my ADV:

Simple Custard
2% Caramel (CAP)
2% Cheesecake (LA)
0.5% Vanilla (MF)
5% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

Flavor total: 9.5%