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I have both and I think both are overrated so I intentionally left them out.
There are a whole lot of recipes with (especially) red touch though, juicy is a little newer so you won’t find the same amount of recipes with them.

To me, they’re both a little too much on the green side to be very useful. Sweet Strawberry CAP, Strawberry TPA, Strawberry Ripe TPA, Strawberry Shisha INW are a lot more useful to me. I’d panic when I run out, not with the FA strawberries.


Ye but they do fade less and do not have a huge amount of EM/Fructose/Sucralose added by themselves in comparison too the cap/tfa. They are also more or easier to bend, cap and tfa will just be extremely sweet strawberry and creams, artificial bakery or candy.


Yes, it does and thank you so much.


So did I lol, but keeping FA around as well, its like you say a great MM.


I wish I knew where to get them in Europe … so many American brands don’t make it across the pond (or in very limited selections)


Its even hard too get them here. NR is the only place that sells it, but if you don’t order $50 worth that shipping is going too kill you. Wish somebody else would stock it … Like EcigExpress hint

Thank you Ejuices.com

There are the staples … Vienna cream, fresh cream, and marshmallow. From there it’s all about what you are trying to do. I often use fa fruits as my base and add touches of fruit from other vendors.

Kiwi fa is a great starting point and the same as white peach, Fuji, red summer, red touch, and so on.

Custard is great in a fruit mix if you don’t want a bravery custard.

Oba oba. (Yup)
Citrus mix is fun if you keep it simple.
Whiskey is really strong and true to taste.
You will find forest fruit in a lot of mixes

Ylang ylang is fun to mix with
Billberry oh yeah.
Blood orange fa.
The limes are good as well but very natural. Pretty much all the fruits are natural and not candy.


I don’t mix, but I have:

Bilberry FA
Butterscotch FA
Caramel FA
Cocoa FA
Cowboy Blend FA
forest Mix FA
Fresh Cream FA
Fuji Apple FA
Hazel Grove (Hazelnut) FA
Honey FA
Joy FA
Nonna’s Cake FA
Orange FA
Strawberry FA
Vienna Cream FA
White Grape FA
Metaphor FA
Chocolate FA

Cowboy blend is in there because my wife vaped it for a time, not the best tobacco flavor though so not recommended.


We shall begin a quest to find an appropriate use for red bean!


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Just checked, it loaded ok for me on Chrome…


Strange, won’t work on Chrome or Edge for me. Oh well…


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damn that does suck. maybe clear your cookies/cache? or try rebooting the pc?

Im about to place a small order myself


Not your fault, but thank you. Gotta run now, but will do as obijuan suggested and clear cache and reboot. Thanks all :slight_smile:


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That’s my favorite. Because if they all took a rip of the menthol crystals at a 80% PG solution at 150 watts we wouldn’t be having issues like this because that’d wake your ass up.