Eclipse by FlavourArt

It seems like the perfect day to mix with Eclipse by FA. Who’s with me? I’ve neglected this little beauty but remember enjoying the novelty of it. Dark Chocolate, kiss of mint maybe a splash of vanilla?


So good to see you again!! I was a little worried about ya, but I got assurances that you were just busy doing author and RL stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep eyeballing Eclipse but I’ve not purchased it yet. It sounds yummy and perfect for today. Maybe I’ll mix something with the same profile and just call it Eclipse. LoL


Hey JoJo great to see you! Great to be back!!! Still crazy busy but missed mixing LOL


I do have it but I’ve never used it. I only found out it was minty after I bought it, serves me right.
Might make a nice after eight flavour though.

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I’m personally just watching the eclipse chasers on live feed in Oregon on Sky News.

I actually have more Chocolate Mint liquid in my closet than I will never even vape before the next eclipse in 2024. (Which some of these people are already talking about)

It’s interesting at my age to see all these people who have spent the last 2 years planning for this 2 minute event … but I do know a guy who flew to Scotland just to visit a pub for a couple hours to taste various types of heavily aged Scotch.

I know I’m kind of going off on a tangent here but the truth is, my dog is acting like a total spaz today so I think that part of it is true.

Where I am, we will be about 85% of totality, I might get a good picture and if I do I will post it here.


I’m not a big mint fan either but this one I kind of like… really reminds
me of the slight mint on Andes not peppermint patty in your face

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