I’m having issues with my computer today, so this may (hopefully) just be me.

I noticed ECX changed their site and for me, I don’t like it. I prefer to click on my brand and make my selections that way, instead of clicking, say, “fruits”

My problem is, I don’t see Inawera anywhere anymore?? Did they completely remove INW from their store or am I (hopefully) just an idiot?

Still there

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You using a PC or tablet or phone? Their mobile site isn’t th most friendly

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Thanks Jo but I don’t see it anywhere on the left/tabs. I wish they would go back to the original layout. Their site was already a pain in the ass for me with their loading times and now I have to jump through hoops just to find a brand :imp:

Right now, PC

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Weird…try emptying the cache?

Mine does not look like that at all??? It used to?

WTH is going on with my computer today?!?!

I dunno that is really strange. What browser are you using?

This is all I see on any page and I don’t even get the choice to look at brands, like your above pi

I’m on chrome. I can get to it through your link but the browse flavors tab is completely gone? I can search by type, fruits, desserts, etc and then I can see the brands to the left (like my pic) but no INW??

When you hover over the DIY E-LIQUID at the top does it not bring up the menu? Click on the DIY E-Liquid Flavors in red and it will give you a different list with Inawera in it.

Sounds like something’s fishy with the browser.

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Yeah that’s what I’m talking about when I go to the top like I normally do, it says, “browse flavors” fruits, desserts, etc. When it used to show what your pic shows.

So when I browse flavors, inw doesn’t even show on the left, with all the other brands??

Look at my pic, I’m not lyin lol

Used to say DIY E-liquid Flavors

No I know, it doesn’t show on the left on that page for me either. They have it classified as a category or something. If you click on DIY E-Liquid Flavors on the left under category it’ll bring up another page and under categories on that page you can get to Inawera.

Are the drop down menus not working at all?

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No the drop down menus work like they always do and the website is fine, as far as layout and menus. It’s just missing the INW and the DIY E-Liquids on the top drop down

So when I go to the top, far left, where it says "DIY E-LIQUID, I hover my mouse over it and the menu drops down and the very first thing is BROWSE LIQUIDS??

I give up… I have cleared CACHE, MEM, HIST, you name it!!

My pc is wacked today or it’s the universe telling me to STOP GETTING MORE SHIT!! :slight_smile:

LOL Vape gods are telling you to take a break. I did the math and going solely on # of recipes on ELR you are 2,099 people. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Too much? hehe

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I’m using Chrome too, and I’m not seeing this problem. It’s Chrome on a Mac tho.

Chrome here and it’s there on my end. Got a hammer? :smiley:

I ended up spending the day reformatting my computer and it works fine now. I have never seen anything like that before though? To have absolutely no glitches or any broken links, just inw gone?

Either way, I’m good now

That is pretty crazy. Glad you got it worked out. Only other thing I can think is a graphics glitch or something. Old driver? Graphic card going out? I dunno. Back to normal though, so all’s well. :wink:

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No graphic issue or anything! There wasn’t even a space where it should be.

I fear I will never know haha

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